"Rae" The Not-So Jedi Master

(mid November 2018)

Executive Summary

"Rae" (yes, as in Star Wars Rae), was stuck 30 feet up a sweet gum tree for three nights in Amory MS before her rescue. She was as sweet as could be, and made the rescue easy. Rae, please discover your latent Jedi talents so that you can self-rescue next time!


It was about 10:30 am on a rainy Monday morning when I noticed a voice mail from Megan -- one of her kitties had been stuck in a tree in Amory MS since Friday. I called back and told Megan that I would be unable to come out until the next day because of the rain. After hanging up, I took a closer look at the weather radar and noticed that the rain would be ending by early afternoon. So, I texted Megan back and told her that I would be there around 2:00 pm. After packing the truck and eating lunch, I headed out to Amory, about a 50 minute drive.

On arrival, I was met by Lindsey, Megan's roommate. She led me to a neighbor's house two doors down where Rae was hanging out on limb at 30 feet in a smallish sweet gum. About this time Megan arrived and joined us. She said that they had fostered Rae as a kitten, and then she got adopted. However, the adoption did not work out, so Rae had been back with them for only a short period of time. Rae escaped out the door during the day on Friday, and was not located until that evening which was in the tree. They did not know what chased her up the tree but suspected that one of the local ferals had done it.

After a few missed shots with throwbag launcher, I finally got a rope installed on Rae's limb. During this process, Rae had gone all the way out to the end of the limb and was precariously balanced on a few twigs. Lindsey and Megan held a tarp in case Rae fell. I began climbing and soon was at Rae's limb. It took very little sweet talking to convince Rae to come back to the trunk, where she allowed me to scritch her. After an easy nab, she was safe in the bag. After descending, Megan took Rae for some long delayed food, water and loving. I hope Rae stays out of trees in the future!