"Oxford"-- A Tuxedo Kitty in Trouble

(early January 2017)

Executive Summary

"Oxford" (girl kitty), was stuck 35 feet up a tree for three days in Tupelo MS before I was able to rescue her. She was very cooperative and made the rescue a breeze. Oxford's rescue was featured in a short clip on the show, Right This Minute (starts about 50 seconds in).


A text message at 7:30 am on the Kat Fone can only mean one thing -- time to suit up, a kitty is in Trouble! It was from Melissa, her daughter's kitty had been stuck for 3 days in Tupelo and needed rescue. I responded and arranged to be there later that afternoon; 20 degree weather was expected that night which added to the urgency.

When I arrived, Melissa and three of her children (Devon, Maddie, and Ashley) along with a couple of cute labradors met me. It was easy to spot Oxford as she was in a tree a few feet from the driveway. Melissa thought that a roaming dog has chased her up the tree since Oxford is BFF with their other dogs. After a couple of wayward shots, I was able to position a throw bag over a limb about 6 feet above Oxford. However, the wiggling throw line was enticing to Oxford, so she climbed up to that union and started playing/chewing on my throw line. A stuck kitty chewing on my throw line was a first for me! She soon became bored and climbed back down to her original branch. I donned my gear and started up. Melissa, Devon, Maddie, and Ashley held a tarp below in case Oxford decided to take a leap. When I reached Oxford's position, she quickly showed how friendly she was by allowing me to stroke her. It was easy to scruff Oxford and put her in the Kat Bag. A quick ride down and I handed her off to Maddie (Oxford's special gal), who brought Oxford in for some long delayed food and water. Oxford made it an easy rescue, which I love -- I will never complain about a rescue being too easy! The pictures below that show Oxford in the tree and chillaxing post rescue are courtesy of Melissa.