"Caddie" The 100th Stuck Kitty!

(mid April 2017)

Executive Summary

"Caddie" was stuck 30 feet up a tree for four nights in Saltillo MS before I rescued her. She was a sweetie and made the rescue easy. Amber, many thanks for your generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society! Caddie is the 100th kitty that I have rescued, a milestone that I did not expect to reach when I started this activity.


It was late afternoon when I noticed a voice mail on the Kat Fone. It was from Amber in Saltillo MS, her kitty had been stuck for three nights, could I help? I called Amber back and arranged to be there the next morning as it was too late to begin a rescue that day. After my arrival, Amber led me about 30 yards into the woods next to her house. Amber told me that Caddie is a rescue kitty that had been living in a parking lot, but had been with Amber for about two months. Caddie had been staying inside, but slipped out the house four days previously and had disappeared. Amber searched for her, and finally located her by Caddie's meows for help.

Caddie was at about 30 feet in a small hardwood, and looked more than ready for a rescue. Because the tree was smallish, I set my climbing line below her perch as there were no good tie-in points above her. When I reached my tie-in point, Caddie was still too far above me for an easy grab. Using my lanyards, I was able to climb within nabbing distance. Caddie was cautiously friendly, sniffing my outstretched hand. When I tried to grab her scruff with my right hand, she became startled, hissing and backing off suddenly. Fortunately, I had my left hand near enough to grab her before she fell off the branch. With some careful handling, I was able to maneuver Caddie into the Kat bag. Back on the ground, I handed Caddie off to a relieved Amber. The post rescue picture below (courtesy of Amber) shows Caddie safe and sound in her home.