"Tommy" -- Pine Tree Prisoner

(early June 2018)

Executive Summary

Joan (Vietnam Vet, retired Navy) contacted me about "Tommy", who had been stuck overnight in a pine tree in Meridian MS. I was able to come out the same day. When I arrived, Joan showed me a large pine tree next to her house. Tommy was perched on the first available limb at about 30 feet. About this time, Doug (a friend, also a Vietnam Vet, Air Force) drove up to help out. My plan was to set a climbing line high above Tommy's position so that I would have freedom to move around in case Tommy was skittish. It took several shots to hit the correct limb, and during the rope installation Tommy became spooked. He jumped on the trunk, backed down a few feet, then fell to a bush at the base of the tree. From there he jumped to the ground and then ran under the neighbor's back porch. Later that night Joan texted me that Tommy had shown up for dinner. I was glad everything ended well. Joan, many thanks for your very generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


See Executive Summary!