'Aben' - The Kitty who thought he was a pecan

(early November 2015)

Executive Summary

"Aben" is an orange tabby who was stuck in a pecan tree for a few hours in Starkville, MS before I was able to rescue him. I had to use a rescue pole to grab him, but it went well and all ended happily.


It was about 3:00 pm on a Monday, and I was working for the Man in my office when the Kat Fone rang. It was Starkville Animal Control; there was a stuck kitty that needed help. Very professionally, I said -- "Yes, I would be happy to help", while inwardly, I was like, "Oh, HECK YEAH!" as I had not had a rescue in a while. Plus, this was in StarkVegas, so it would be quick 5 minute drive to rescue the poor kitty. I tried not to run too fast on the way out the building, and soon I was as the kitty's house. I was met by Aben's owner Bob, who told me that Aben was an inside kitty that had escaped outside and then promptly climbed a pecan tree. He led me to the tree that was holding Aben hostage. Aben was about 25 feet up, sitting on a small branch that jutted six feet out from a long stem that came from the main trunk. I saw that I could anchor directly under Aben, but that I would not be able to actually reach him. If Aben did not come down to me, I would have to use the rescue pole. A neighbor, Alan, was also present to assist.

I set a rope under Aben's perch, and also set a backup rope in a neighboring tree. I was soon under Aben's perch, and tried to interest Aben in some kitty food, but he did not budge. I reluctantly told Bob and Alan that we would use the rescue pole, and Alan readied the net. I soon had the rescue pole ready to go, and said a quick prayer to the Kitty-rescue gods for a safe rescue. I raised the pole, and was able to get the wire around Aben's middle with little difficulty as Aben did not shy away from the wire. I tightened the wire, pulled Aben off the branch, and lowered the pole and Aben down to Alan, who soon had him in the net. Alan had trouble reaching the release knob on the far end of the rescue pole, so I descended and assisted. As soon as the rescue pole wire was released from Aben, I handed the net+Aben to Bob, who carried him inside to food, water, and home. A post rescue picture of Aben snuggling with Bob is at the bottom of the page. The youtube video shows the rescue details. I classify Aben as a skittish/non-traveler -- I believe that he would have run from me if I had been able to get much closer, but he really did not have anywhere to go! Many thanks to Bob and Alan for their help on the ground!