"Goldie" - Stuck for 13 days

(mid January 2018)

Executive Summary

"Goldie", a young, skittish barn-cat, had been stuck in a tree in Braxton MS for 13 long days in freezing weather that included snow. Bill and Gloria had been able to install a bucket on a limb to get her some food during her ordeal. A rescue attempt with a bucket truck only succeeding in scaring her to the topmost limbs. When I arrived, she had moved down to a lower limb that was about 25 feet long, and she was about midway out on it. When I installed a rope, Goldie moved even further out on the limb. After I climbed up to her limb, Goldie moved even further out, where the limb drooped down to about 15 feet from the ground. At this point, Bill was able to take my long handled net and chase her off the limb. After jumping to the ground, she ran to a nearby wooded area. Goldie showed up at the shed later for some food and water. All were relieved that she was finally out of the tree! Bill and Gloria, many thanks for your extremely generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


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