"CoCo" - A Second Rescue

(late October 2017)

Executive Summary

Coco was stuck for two nights 30 feet up a pine tree in McCarley MS before his rescue. Just like his first rescue, Coco allowed me to bag him with no fuss, making for an easy rescue. His person (Crystle) really wishes that Coco would quit climbing trees!


I was driving home from Martha's rescue on a late Friday afternoon when I noticed a text on the Kat Fone. It was from Crystle -- Coco, who I had rescued just the previous week, was back in a tree. Crystle called me and we discussed options - I would come out Sunday afternoon if he was still in the tree as I was attending the MSU/Kentucky football game the next day with family. On Sunday morning, I texted Crystle for a status update and Coco was still in the tree. I told her that I would be there later that afternoon.

When I arrived, Marc and Crystle lead me to the pine tree where Coco was hanging out. He was crying piteously - it had been raining and he was miserable. Coco was about 30 feet up in a large pine tree, on the first usable limb. After a couple of throw bag shots, I was able to establish a climbing line at 50 feet. I put on my gear and started climbing. Just like the first rescue, Coco cried loudly as I approached but did not move. Coco was a classic example of a skittish/non-traveler kitty -- he did not want me touching him but he was too petrified to move. I put on my Kat bag, gently pried him off the limb, and put him in the bag. After a short ride to the ground, I handed him off to Crystle. The picture below shows Coco snuggling with Crystle post rescue. I suggested to Crystle that she attempt to train Coco on how to climb down trees using a harness and a long leash, as I had good success with that for my youngest cat. Crystle said she would give it a try. I really hope that Coco stays out of trees in the future!