"Jessie" - An Orange Kitty Stuck Near Halloween

(late October 2017)

Executive Summary

"Jessie" was stuck 30 feet up an oak tree in Walthall MS for two nights before his rescue. Like all orange kitties, he was a sweetie and made the rescue easy. Keith, many thanks for the maker art that you gave me in appreciation of the rescue!


It was mid-afternoon when I noticed a text message on the Kat Fone from Keith. A kitty that he had adopted less than two weeks previously had been stuck in a tree for two days, could I help? I called Keith back and arranged to be there later that afternoon. When I drove up, a couple of Keith's other kitties greeted me in the yard, followed by Keith. The kitty was actually next door at his cousin's place, across a big culvert, in a large oak right next to the ditch. I drove the truck over to the tree while Keith took the back way to the tree; we met at the base. "Jessie" was at about 30 feet, way out on a large limb. A cold front was heading in, with large red/orange rain masses on the radar. I quickly unloaded the truck and set a line at about 50 feet with wind gusts and light rain whipping around. Keith told me that Jessie was very friendly, which I needed him to be since I would not be able to reach his position at the end of the limb. I ascended, and was soon standing on Jessie's limb. I walked out a bit, then sat down and pulled out some treats. Jessie was carefully watching me from the end of limb, and showed immediate interest when I started shaking the treat bag. He walked over to me and carefully sniffed my hand and the treats. He allowed me to bag him with minimum fuss, and we were soon back on the ground where I handed him off to Keith. As appreciation for the rescue, Keith presented me with some maker art that he is well known for (search for "Garden of Aden" on Facebook). As we were packing up, the rain began falling much more heavily and I was thankful that Jessie had been cooperative. I hope he stays out of trees from now on!