"Annie"-- The Around-The-Corner Kitty

(mid October 2016)

Executive Summary

"Annie" was stuck overnight 20 feet up a rotten tree before I was able to rescue her. She made the rescue a cinch by being friendly and cooperative. Lauren and Matthew, many thanks for your very generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


It was shortly after lunch and I was heading back to the digital salt mines when I noticed a text from my wife -- a friend was trying to reach me about a kitty rescue. At about the same time I noticed a missed call on the Kat Fone. I returned the call, and spoke with Lauren, who lived only a couple of blocks from our house. Her kitty "Annie" had gone out the night before, and did not show up that morning. Lauren and her husband Matthew had located Annie in a tree a short distance from their house, could I help? I was heading to Huntsville later that day but I had plenty of time for an in-town rescue before I left. On the way to my house, I stopped by Lauren/Matthew's house and they showed me where Annie was stuck. She was about 20 feet up a small rotten tree, and they had a 15 foot ladder leaning against the tree. Lauren has stood on the very top rung and was able to pet Annie, but was unable to achieve enough leverage and stability to grab her. I examined the tree and it looked sturdy enough to hold a leaning ladder despite its rotten condition. I told them that I would return in a jiffy with my gear.

About 20 minutes later, I was back at the house and all helped to carry my gear to the tree. I installed a safety rope in a neighboring magnolia tree as a precaution, and started up the ladder. Matthew steadied the ladder as I climbed. When I reached near the top, I put a lanyard around the tree to help steady myself. I stood on the second-to-last rung and was able to pet Annie, but was not close enough for a grab. I carefully advanced to the top rung, and was then able to reach Annie for a secure scruff lock. Annie did not fight me as I pulled her off the limb and into the Kat bag. After that, it was a short descent to the ground where I handed Annie to Lauren. The picture below shows Annie relaxing post-rescue. This rescue holds the record as the 'closest-to-my-house' rescue!