"Frisky" -- Five Nights Stuck

(mid December 2018)

Executive Summary

"Frisky" was chased up a large pine tree by neighborhood dogs in Corinth MS. On day #2, a rescue attempt was made by Corinth Fire department but failed as they were unable to get their truck close enough to the tree. I was called after night #5 in the tree, and found Frisky at 35 feet. Once I set a rope at 50 feet, she went further up the tree to a limb near my tie-in point. Frisky was far out on the limb when I reached her, and it took 20 minutes of cat-food-on-an-extensible-pole bribing and sweet talking to coax her close enough for a grab. However, Frisky was a sweetie, and purred when she was released from the bag. Miss Odessia hopes that you stay out of trees in the future!


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