"Dub-Dub" - A Pine Tree Pickle

(late September 2018)

Executive Summary

"DubDub" was stuck 30 feet up a pine tree overnight in heavy rains in Plantersville MS before his rescue. He was initially at the trunk, but then moved far out on a limb during rope installation. Once I was at the limb, DubDub ignored my sweet talking and food bribes. The limb sloped sharply down as it went out, so DubDub was only 20 feet from the ground at his location. As I slowly walked out on the limb, Katherine (his person) and extended family members held a tarp underneath DubDub. As I drew closer, DubDub became more nervous and finally decided to simply leap to the tarp. He hit one corner, bounced off, then headed for the house. Kartherine followed him inside and soon reported that DubDub was eating and drinking. Katherine, many thanks for your generous monetary donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


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