"Kitty" Jumps Down

(early May 2017)

Executive Summary

"Kitty" had been stuck 25 feet up a tree overnight in Meridian MS when I arrived to rescue him. "Kitty" made things easy by coming down the tree when I tried to install my climbing line.


Val called me on a Friday morning - their family rescue cat, "Kitty" was stuck 25 feet up a tree in Meridian MS, could I help? Since the kitty had only been stuck since that morning and the weather was good, I asked him to give the kitty 24 hours to come out of the tree on its own. I told him I would be there the next morning if the kitty was still stuck. Early the next morning, I received a text from Val that the kitty was still in the tree. I packed up and headed out.

I was met by Val, his wife Donna, and their daughter Breanna on arrival. They were all clearly concerned about "Kitty". Val led me to the tree, and Kitty looked comfortable in his chosen tree union. It looked like it would be an easy rescue if Kitty was cooperative. I shot a throw bag over a union at about 50 feet, and this immediately elicited some worried yowls from Kitty. In the process of trying to further isolate my throwline, Kitty decided that he had enough of all of this activity and jumped to small limb about 15 feet from the ground. He hung there for a while, then jumped the rest of the way to ground. Kitty immediately headed for the garage with Breanna following. Breanna brought out a squirmy Kitty for the post-rescue picture below. All Kitty needed was some encouragement to come out of the tree.