"Jack" - A Sweet Siamese

(late April 2019)

Executive Summary

Marilyn called me about an unknown kitty who had been stuck in a tree for two days in Louisville MS. When I arrived, Marilyn, her husband Joel, and Abby (grand daughter) led me across the street to a big oak. The kitty was hanging out on the first limb, which was long and level, at about 20 feet. The kitty was a large Siamese, and Marilyn was partial to Siamese kitties as she currently owned one that she rescued after the large tornado of 2014. During rope installation, the kitty retreated a bit out from the trunk but otherwise seem calmed. When I reached his limb, the kitty came right to me and allowed me to pet him. He struggled a bit going into the bag, but calmed down once we were on the ground. There was no collar or microchip, so Marilyn volunteered to house him in their shop until he got some food and water. Later that day Marilyn called me and said the kitty's name was "Jack" and belonged to a lady in the neighborhood, who had been missing him for two days. Marilyn and Joel, many thanks for your donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


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