"Patsy" Stuck for 8 days

(mid May 2019)

Executive Summary

On the drive to Tupelo for the Foxtails rescue, I received a call from Ann in Meridian about a kitty that had been stuck for 8 days. The kitty was a neighborhood kitty that seems to have been abandoned by its original owners. Ann had been feeding it occasionally, but it had been missing for awhile and she had discovered it the previous day in a neighbor's huge oak tree. I drove to Meridian after the Foxtails rescue and found a very vocal 'Patsy' in the tree. Patsy could hardly wait for me to rescue her, jumping between a few large limbs as I set the rope. She came right to me for an easy nab and bag. On the ground, Ann took charge of Patsy for food and water, and had an adopter lined up for a permanent home for Patsy. Ann, many thanks for your generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society! Jay (neighbor), thanks for letting me climb your tree!


See the executive summary.