"Richard" Trouble in Raymond MS

(late March 2017)

Executive Summary

"Richard" was stuck 20 feet up a tree for three days in Raymond MS before I was able to rescue him. Richard was cooperative, making for an easy rescue.


It was shortly after lunch when the Kat Fone yowled. On the phone was Danielle from Raymond, MS -- she had been referred to me by Pearl Animal Control. Her kitty, Richard, had been stuck for three days, could I help? I looked at the weather report and nasty weather was headed there the next day, so I arranged to be there later that afternoon. I would arrive before Danielle got off of work, but her 17-year daughter Sierra would be there to help.

When I arrived, I was met by Marcus and Sierra, who led me to the tree. Richard was about 20 feet up in a sturdy union, and his back legs were hanging down. He had been chased up the tree by a dog, and he looked tired. As I started setting up, he watched with interest and meowed a bit, clearly wanting somebody to help him. I set a rope at about 40 feet and started up. When I reached him, I broke the ice by offering Richard kitty treats even though I do not think it was necessary, he was friendly and wanted down. I put a lanyard around his limb to draw myself closer, and then easily scruffed and bagged him. Richard complained about being in the Kat bag, but quieted when I handed him off to Sierra. The post rescue picture below (courtesy of Sierra), shows him chillaxing after his trying time in the tree. Marcus and Sierra, thanks for your help during the rescue and in loading/unloading gear!