"Bentley" -- A Stuck Siamese

(mid February 2018)

Executive Summary

"Bentley" was stuck 25 feet up a pine tree for three days in Abbeville MS before his rescue. A food bribe made him cooperative, allowing for an easy rescue.


It was mid-afternoon when I received a text message from Katie about 'Bentley', a 1 year old siamese kitty who had been stuck for three days in a front-yard pine tree. The kitty was in Abbeville MS, which was too far away for a rescue that afternoon, so I arranged to be there early the next morning.

When I drove up, I immediately spotted Bentley in a pine tree next to the drive. He was only about 25 feet up, and out on a limb. Katie came out and explained that a ladder rescue attempt had been made, but he stayed just out of reach. I unloaded my gear and soon had a rope installed in the tree. During the setup, Billy, a concerned neighbor, came over and thanked me for coming to rescue the kitty. Bentley kept pacing back and forth on his limb, crying, and seemed anxious for a rescue. I started climbing. I thought that Bentley would come right to me, but retreated out of reach when I reached his limb. I forgot my kitty food puches on the ground, but Katie passed them up to me via my lanyard. When I opened a kitty treat bag, the crinkling of the bag immediately caught Bentley's interest and he came strolling over. He allowed me to pet him, and I then scruffed and bagged him with no trouble. Back on the ground, I handed bag and Bentley over to Katie who brought him inside for food/water. As I was packing up, another concerned neighbor, Earl, arrived and said that he was happy the kitty was rescued as both he and his wife had been worrying about him. All were happy that Bentley was safe, and hopefully he stays out of trees in the future!