"SnowFlake" - A Kitty In Trouble

(December 2014)

Executive Summary

"Snowflake" is a pure white, young kitty who was stuck 30 feet up a pine tree near Pontotoc, MS. She graciously allowed me to carry her down to her anxious owners, Miranda and Bill (many thanks for the donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!).


It was about 2:30 on a December 10 and I had just finished my last meeting for the day, when I noticed that I had a voice message on the Kat Fone. It was from Miranda, and her kitty had been stuck for two days in a pine tree near Pontotoc, MS. I called Miranda back, and told her that I could be there by 4:00 pm. When I arrived, Miranda and Bill led me out back to a smallish pine tree where Snowflake was perched on a limb at about 30 feet, which was nearly the first good limb on the tree. The limbs on the tree were small, and any climbing line that I installed would pass right by Snowflake. Recalling my previous rescue ("Gracie") where the climbing line had badly spooked the kitty, I decided to simply use spikes to get to Snowflake. About 20 minutes later, I was underneath Snowflake, and going very slowly so as not to alarm her. Snowflake initially growled at me as I got near, and then settled into suspicious, watchful silence. I decided to try convincing her that I was a good guy by using kitty treats since that worked very well on the last rescue. Her nose immediately started twitching when I opened the kitty treats, and you can see on the video how things went from that point. Eventually, she accepted me, and I was able to grab her and place her in the Kat Bag. A short ride down, and Miranda took charge of her and brought her inside for warmth, food and water!