"Shelby" Is Stuck Again

(late May 2017)

Executive Summary

"Shelby" was stuck again in Louisville, MS -- this time, 35 ft up a pine tree for three days. On the first rescue he ran when the rope was installed and had to be shaken off his branch to get him down. This time, he was so hot and tired that he allowed me to grab him when I climbed up. Pam, many thanks for your generous donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


It was Saturday morning, and I noticed some text messages on the Kat Fone about a kitty stuck in Brandon. I called back, and talked with Ester. A family kitty had been stuck in a tree since possibly Wednesday, could I help? I told her that I would pack the truck and leave immediately. Ester warned me the kitty was in some woods across a drainage ditch, so I brought some lawn mower loading ramps to help bridge the ditch.

It was mid afternoon and I noticed a voice mail on the Kat Phone. It from Pam, her kitty 'Shelby' was stuck again. I returned the call and arranged to be there later that afternoon. When I arrived, Pam told me that Shelby was stuck in the same general location, a wooded area next to a pasture behind the house. I drove the truck into the pasture and next to the woods, then followed Pam to Shelby's tree. It was about 50 yards in this time, and it was a smallish pine tree. Shelby was about 35 feet up and about 4 feet from the trunk. I hauled my gear to the tree and started setting a line. It took a few tries, but I was finally able to install a climbing rope at 40 feet. On the first rescue, Shelby ran when the rope was installed but this time he just watched the entire process in a tired manner, occasionally panting. When I reached Shelby's limb he gave me a small warning hiss, but did not move. I pulled out some kitty treats and he immediately showed interest. After a minute, he started walking back to the trunk, and then let me nab him with the Kat bag. Whew, that was a relief, I had been ready for all sorts of drama based on the first rescue and was happy that Shelby was cooperative this time. I returned to the ground and handed Shelby off to Pam. The post-rescue picture below (courtesy of Pam) shows Shelby safely inside his house. There is no video as I forgot the camera at the house.