"PeyTon"-- A tortie in Trouble

(early November 2016)

Executive Summary

"Peyton" is an indoor kitty that became stuck 30 feet up an oak tree in Saltillo MS after being chased by dogs. However, she made the rescue a breeze by being sweet and cooperative!


It was near noon when I noticed a voice mail on the Kat Fone. It was from an emotional Chrissy who lives in Saltillo MS; her indoor kitty "Peyton" had been chased up a tree by some stray dogs the previous day and could I help in getting Peyton down? I called Chrissy back and arranged to be there later that afternoon. Chrissy texted some pictures of the tree to me and I became concerned at the number of vines on the tree; it did not look like an easy climb.

When I arrived, Chrissy and her young daughter Savannah led me to the tree. Peyton was about 30 feet up, laying in a large union cushioned by a nest of dead leaves. The tree was covered in vines and had three primary stems, but fortunately there was a clear shot to a union at 40 feet on the same stem as Peyton. I was lucky and hit the union on the first shot. It then took me about 20 more minutes to isolate the line about the union in way that I felt comfortable climbing it. The base of the tree had large bushes around it but fortunately there was a cleared area a couple of feet wide around the base that allowed me access. I anchored the rope to the tree base, and then started up. I was unable to see Peyton until I had nearly reached her as she was hunched down in the union. When I was about 3 feet below her, Peyton lifted her head and looked at me, seeming happy to see me -- she immediately began rubbing her head against the trunk and made happy motions with her paws. I took a minute to clear some vines, then climbed up even with Peyton. I put the Kat bag on my hand, and reached out to Peyton. She cautiously sniffed my fingers, then allowed me to give her some kitty scritches. I started to scruff her, but found that I could not achieve a good grip as her fur was tight. I finally settled on using both hands to pull her off the union and into my lap. Manipulating Peyton into the Kat Bag was made more difficult since I did not have a firm grip on her scuff. Peyton did not complain much, and eventually I was able to get all of her into the bag. After a quick trip to the ground, I handed Peyton off to Chrissy and Savannah, who took her inside for food, water, and loving. Fortunately, Peyton did not seem to have any injuries from the dogs. The post-rescue picture below is courtesy of Chrissy.