"Otis" - Inside Stuck Outside

(mid September 2017)

Executive Summary

Otis is a young orange/white tabby who recently moved to a new home. He typically stays inside, but escaped outside and became stuck 25 feet up a pine tree for 1-to-2 nights in Ridgeland MS. Otis was a sweetie, and made the rescue a breeze! Kudos to Karen, a good samaritan neighbor, who located Otis after hearing his cries and then contacted me about the situation. Karen also took time out of her busy Saturday to assist with the rescue.


I was just starting a Saturday morning exercise routine when I noticed a missed call and voice mail on the Kat Fone. It was from Karen in Ridgeland MS. She had found a kitty stuck in a pine tree, called the Fire and Police departments, who gave her my contact information. I called Karen back, and she told me that she had also located the kitty's owner. I asked Karen to get the owner to call me, and I would drive down and rescue the kitty. A short while later I received a call from Trey (he and his wife Ashely were the kitty owners). I arranged to be there around 12:30. Neither Trey or Ashely could be present for the rescue, but Karen volunteered to suspend her Saturday activities until the kitty was rescued. Ashley called me on the drive down and apologized for not being able to be there; she had promised to take her twins to a birthday party. She told me the kitty's name was Otis, and thanked me for driving down. She told me to put Otis in the apartment once he was rescued.

When I arrived, Karen led me to the tree. Otis was on the lowest limb of large pine tree at about 25 feet. He He was crying and clearly wanted to be rescued. I quickly installed a climbing rope and started up, ascending on the opposite side of the tree from Otis. When I reached my limb, Otis peeked around the trunk, and then came to me for some loving. I rubbed his ears, then bagged him. Once back on the ground, Karen led me to Ashely's apartment. I went inside, let Otis out of the Kat bag, loved him a little bit, then left him to find his post-rescue food/water. All ended well. Karen, many thanks for taking time out of your busy weekend to help Otis!