"Kittycat' - A Kitty that was almost gone with the wind

(mid March 2016)

Executive Summary

"Kittycat" was stuck overnight 35 feet up a pecan tree in Saltillo, MS and a big storm was coming. Fortunately, she was very cooperative and made the rescue easy!


It was lunchtime, and I was looking at the weather map, watching a big storm barrelling towards east Mississippi. The kat fone yowled, and it was Eileen, from Saltillo MS. The rescue kitty that she had raised from a bottle had been stuck since the previous night in a pecan tree, could I please rescue her before the stormy weather arrived? I looked at my schedule, and had one meeting in early afternoon, but was free afterwards. I told Eileen that I could be there around 3:30.

Upon arrival I was met by Tyler, Eileen's son, and he led me to Kittycat's tree. She was about 35 feet up, and there was a nice union right above her that I could set a climbing line on. During setup, Mr. Bobby M., a neighbor, came over and offered to help. With Tyler and Mr. Bobby helping, I soon had a climbing line installed. I started climbing, and in no time I was at height with Kittycat. She was very friendly, and kept rubbing her head against the rope -- she clearly wanted down. Kittycat was tightly wedged in a union, but with a little tugging on her scruff and pushing up on her back end I was able to extricate her and put her in the Kat bag. After a short ride to the ground, I handed Kittycat off to a grateful Eileen for food, water, and loving. Many thanks to Tyler and Mr. Bobby M. for your help during the rescue!