'Chubs' - A Tupelo Kitty in Trouble

(early February 2016)

Executive Summary

Chubbs is a sweet black kitty who was stuck overnight in a tree in Tupelo, MS before I was able to rescue him. Chubbs lives in the Joyner neighborhood of Tupelo, and this was the fourth time in a year that I have rescued a kitty from here. I think the kitties around there have me on speed dial! Many thanks to Charlotte for her generous contribution to generous contribution to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society!


It was about 7:30 am on a Sunday morning, and I was half-awake in bed, still feeling the effects of my 90 foot rescue climb from the previous day in Brookhaven. The Kat Fone yowled, and it was Charlotte from Tupelo - she had a 7 month old kitty that had been stuck since the previous night -- could I help? I said 'Sure', and told her that I could be there around 11:00 am. Charlotte said that she had received my contact information from a neighbor that I had helped earlier in the year. This kitty lived in the Joyner neighborhood, and this was going to be my fourth trip this year to the area to rescue a kitty. Must be something in the water around there that makes kitties want to climb trees!

When I arrived, I was met by Larry, Charlotte's husband. He led me next door, and introduced me to Leslie, who is the head of the neighborhood association. We had to go through Leslie's backyard gate, and then into another yard in order to reach the tree that Chubbs was in. Chubbs was about 25 feet up, and it appeared to be an easy climb. Charlotte met us in the yard, and I soon had a climbing line installed. During the setup, Charlotte and Larry explained that Chubbs and his brother had been found in an air conditioning/heating unit when it was being repaired. The two kitties won their hearts, and now they had a forever home. Chubbs was a mostly indoor kitty, but had gone outside for a little while, disappeared, and then re-appeared in the tree.

Chubbs was crying continuously during the setup, and clearly wanted down. Chubbs was very friendly and let me scratch his ears. It was an easy task to place Chubbs into the Kat bag. A quick trip down, and Chubbs was in Charlotte's arms to be whisked inside for food, water, and a reunion with his brother. Many thanks to Charlotte, Larry, and Leslie for the support from the ground!

The pictures below, courtesy of Charlotte, show Chubbs as seen from the ground, and me at height with Chubbs. The last two are post rescue shots of Chubbs relaxing and Chubbs cuddling with his brother.