"Jet"-- The Kitty Who Jumped

(mid December 2016)

Executive Summary

"Jet" jumped.


"Jet", a jet-black kitty, was only 25 feet up but he had been stuck for 6 days in Louisville, MS. When I shot my throwbag into his tree, Jet decided that he had enough tree-time, scampered down the trunk, and jumped the last 10 feet to the ground. But wait just a darn second -- "Is this actually a rescue?". YES -- by Section 5, Paragraph 2 of the WHISKR (Warm Hearted International Society of Kitty Rescuers) bylaws, "Any Kitty Who Exits A Tree By Any Action Of Said Rescuer Counts Towards The Kitty Rescue Count of Said Rescuer". So. There. Hurrah for Me and Hurrah for Jet!