Cat-Stuck-In-Tree Rescue Help (1.5-hour driving radius HSV,AL)

396 Kitty  Rescues + 1 Coon Dog + 1 drone since June 2013.  Last Rescue: June 2024.

As of September 28th/2021, my wife and I have moved from Starkville MS to Huntsville AL to be closer to grandchildren.  I will do rescues within a 1.5 hour driving radius of Huntsville for anybody needing help for a cat that is stuck in a tree.  For Nashville and Birmingham, please try local resources as there are many tree services available. If you are outside of this driving radius, and the kitty has been stuck for more than five days, contact me and I will see what I can do.  For Mississippi Coast rescues, please see the contact info for Randall Kolb/Baton Rogue in my list of rescuers below.

I am a recreational tree climber with appropriate gear and am willing to do whatever I can to help.  In lieu of a fee, I encourage direct donations (no suggested amount) to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society (, Lovable Feline Rescue of North Alabama (LFRNA on Facebook), Greater HSV Humane Society ( -- or any other animal rescue organization of your choice.  However, a donation is optional, saving a kitty should not be a financial burden. There is no guarantee that I will be successful in a rescue attempt, but I will do what I can.

Contact Me

Bob Reese 1.662.418.0479  (cell phone, feel free to call or text) 

Boring Stuff

I will ask you to sign this release form before a rescue  (I will have copies with me):  RELEASE FORM 

Liability waiver that I will sign and give to you releasing you from any liability to me for injuries incurred during a rescue:   WAIVER

Why Rescue Cats from Trees?

Sometimes I get asked this question, and the YouTube video to the right, made by Patrick Brandt (fellow cat rescuer and friend), answers this question in the best possible manner.

When should a cat be rescued?

You should give a cat at least 24 hours to come down on its own unless it is injured or is wedged into limbs and unable to move. This waiting period is generally harder on you than it is the kitty!  After 24 hours, it becomes less likely that the cat will be able to make it down without assistance. People that dismiss cat rescues with a "Have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree?" are simply ignorant -- the reason that you do not see cat skeletons in trees is because the cat will eventually weaken and fall out of the tree, and then either crawl off and die or survive with likely permanent health damage. The picture of the kitty hanging from the limb is  'Cake' who was rescued by Randall Kolb/ Baton Rouge LA (  Does 'Cake' look like he can get down by himself? He is using all of his energy just to keep from falling! 

A cat can easily survive 3 to 4 days in a tree with no long term health effects, and some have been rescued after 7-10 days.  So, after 24 hours, please seek help from some source to rescue your cat -- the kitty is depending on you!

If you are looking for help from some other source, then please contact a local professional tree service.

Links to Cat/Animal Rescue Services

How to rescue cats from trees (WRITTEN FOR THE TREE CLIMBER)  - this is a great guide on how to rescue cats from trees if you a tree climber.

How to rescue cats from trees (IF YOU ARE NOT A TREE CLIMBER) - look at this page for tips on do-it-yourself rescue methods.

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Lacey's Spring AL (just south of Huntsville)

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Starkville, MS

Meridian MS

Horn Lake, South Memphis

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The photo below shows  my sister (Devonne Reese LaSavia) and myself in a photo with Dak Prescott (MSU QB great/Dallas Cowboy QB) at the Clarion Ledger 2017 sports awards in Jackson. I was one of five winners of the "Give Back Like Dak" contest where you submitted a 1 minute video on your community service, in my case, cat stuck tree rescue. Dak gave an awesome talk, was a fun night. Many great high school athletes were recognized at the awards, and they all got their photo with Dak. The video that I submitted is below the photo.