We wanted a place where people can access the favorite family recipes, and add their own favorites to share with everyone else in the family.  Please feel free to add your own recipes to the page for us all to try.  Add a little comment if you want to about the recipe, and if you have the means, take a photo when you make it and add the photo so we can see what it's supposed to look like!  If you're in the extended family and want to add recipes or comments, email Kim or Brett so we can give you permissions.

Click the categories to the left to get to the recipes already here.  Or, if you prefer, search for it in the box above.

In case you want some new ideas, here are a couple of sites for you:

Tutorial on how to make a new recipe page here (if you have permissions to do so):
Note: Now that the site is public, you may need to just go to https://sites.google.com first and click on the site to be able to create or edit pages.  
[If  an editing bar isn't at the top of your screen, try going here first.]