La Perouseが鬱陵嶋を発見し、Dageletと名づけた後、もこの島は記載されているし、
James Colnettも鬱陵嶋を発見するが、La Perouseの測った鬱陵嶋の位置とは違うため、別の島と思い、Argonaut島と記載する。此の時点でもやはり上記の二島は記載されている。

(east) Fanglingtao
 Argonaut Dagelet Liancourt 
 1643.Chart of the Discoveries to the North of Japan, in 1643 by the Dutch Ships, the Kastrikum & the Breskens      北大図書館
 1719.Henri Chatelain: Carte du Japon    A island north of Oki
 1721.『皇輿全覧図』 「朝鮮全図」」 于山島
     British Library maps (c11 d15)
 1732.China ,Tataristan Danville
 Sampou Pinghay Ninghai
 1737.Royalme de Coree  Danville
 jacques nicolas bellin 1746  kinkitaoa island
a island
  1740.Mr. Bolton, engraved by R.W. Seale. [London, 1740] (40.5cm x 53.5)  Tchanchantao?
 1745.Carte de la province de Quantong ou Lyau-tong et du royaume de Kau-li ou Coree, pour servir a l'histoire universelle d'une societe de gens de lettres. Copiee sur la carte angloise. [Bellin (J.), Paris, 1745] (30cm x 24cm) Anville type.   Tchanchantao?
 China. by Bowen, Emanuel from 1747Sanpu
 a island
 a island
 Map of Korea compiled by John Green. This map appears in Volume 4 of "New General collection of Voyages and Travels" printed for Thomas Astley in 1747 Tchainsan-tao
 1748.Carte Du Japon et de la Coree . Le Rouge. Paris Sanpu a island
 a island
 1749.China, Tataristan, Corea and Japan  T.Mayer Sampu Ping hay ,Ning-hayChiangsantau
Fang ling tau
 1750.L'Empire du Japon vaugondy Sampu Ping hay
Fang ling tau
 1752.Carte de la Province de Quan-tong ou Lyau-tong et du Royaume de: Kau-Li on Coree. Sampu Ping hayChiangsantau
Fang ling tau
 1752.Seconde partie de la carte d'Asie  Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d, 1697-1782 Sampu
 Tchanchan tao
 1752.Royaume de kau-li ou Coreee  Sampu
Tchanchan tao
 1755.Etienne-Andre Philippe de Pretot: Chorographie de l'Empire de la Chine. Ping hay a island
 a island
 1755.Gilles Robert de Vaughondy: Siberie, ou Russie Asiatique, Tartarie Chinoise, Pays des Eluts et Isles du Japon Ping hay  a island
 a island
 1762.Rigobert Bonne: Carte de Chinoise  a island
a island
 1771.Rigobert Bonne: Carte de la Tartarie Chinoise   Paris
  a island
a island
1776.Rigobert Bonne: L'Empire de la Chine: avc les Isles du Japon Pinghai 見えず    
1776.Rigobert Bonne: L'Empire de la Chine avec la Tartarie Chinoise Pinghai 見えず    
 1779.Detail of M. Brion de la Tour, cartographer of the king Sampu
 1784(1792)Carte De L'Empire De La Chine    I.Dagelet  
 1786.Rigobert Bonne: Carte de l'Empire de la Chine et du Rayaume de Coree: avec les isles du Japon  Fanglingtao    
 1786.Carte Generale des Decouvertes faites en 1787 dans les Mers de Chine et de Tartarie. / J. F. La Perouse 
(Chart of Discoveries made in 1787, in the Seas of China and Tartary, by the Boussole & Astrolabe)
 原本確認必要     北大図書館l
  1787.06.Plan de Ile Dagelet La Perouse
 1797.Mers, Chine, Tartarie. La Perouse, Jean-Francois de Galaup, comte de, 1741-1788, 1797 Pinghay a island
1789.James Colnett原本確認必要  Argonaut   
 1797.A Chart of the N. E. Coast of Asia, and Japanese Isles. / W. R. Broughto 原本確認必要     北大図書館
 1804.A Chart of the N. E. Coast of Asia, and Japanese Isles……under the Command of Wm. Robt. Broughton Esq 原本確認必要     北大図書館
 1804.Japan .ArrowsmithArrowsmith, Aaron; Lewis, Samuel   Tchanchan tao
 1806.Kapta KRUSENSTERN(1813)    O.Ax???

 1811.「Korea and Japan」  Arrow Smith原本確認必要
  Argonaut.I 1789 Argonaut lost her Rudder (+南に罰点が多数のデザイン

I.Dagelet 原本は明大蘆田か?
 1812. Japan Arrowsmith ,Thomas & Andrews Boston
  Tchanchan tao
1815.Corea_and_Japan_Map   Tomsons

Tchanchan tao
 Argonaut.I  .Dagelet 
 1824.地圖名不明 ?    島  
 1826 Kapta Japan (Krusestern)
   Argonaut.I ロシア語.Dageletロシア語
 1826 Kapta Coree (Krusestern) Tchanchan tao
 Argonaut.I ?ロシア語 .Dagelet?ロシア語   
 1827.Coree. Asie no. 60.  Vandermaelen, Philippe, 1795-1869 San-pou
  Argonaut 1789.L'Argonaut aperdu ici son gou vernail
 1832.日本辺界略図 シーボルト『日本』収録 (1809.P42 第一分冊 幕府天文方 高橋景保1809)  a island

 1832 Carte de l'Empire Chinois et du Japon. Dressee par M. Lapie, Lt. Colonel et Lapie f… Pinghay an island
an island
 I.Argonaut I.Dagelet  
 1835.Chinese Empire And Japan. Entered ... 1835 by Thomas Illman ... New York.   Argonaut I (二島)
 Dagelet (二島)  
 1835.Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (Great Britain)  Japan, Nagasaki. by Chapman and Hall London

  Tchanchan tao
 Argonaut.I Dagelet  
  Tchanchan tao
 Argonaut.I ?ロシア語 無色朝鮮 .Dagelet?ロシア語 無色朝鮮 日本:彩色 
 1836.「三国通覧図J. Klaproth【原圖1784林子平)    Takeshima La Coree
 1836.Carte generale de l'Empire Chinois et du Japon par A.H. Brue, Geographe

 an island
an island
 I.argonaut I.dagelet  
 1837. China et Japon resse par C.V. Monin. Paris. Armand Aubree, Editeur. Rue Taranne, 14. Grave sur Acier par Laguillermie, Rue des Noyers No. 56 a Paris. Imprime par Mangeon. La Lettre gravee par Mardelet. (1837)Sanpu
 Tchanchan tao
1840 Karte vom japanischen Reiche, nach Originalkarten und astronomischen Beobachtungen der Japaner;die Inseln Kiusiu, Sikok und Nippon. / Philipp Franz von Siebold.
   Takashima, I argonaut 37”52’N/129”50’E Broughton Matsushima.I Dagelet 37”25’NB/130”56.O.L La Perouse  
 1840. Chinese Empire And Japan Greenleaf, Jeremiah .
   Argonaut I
 Dagelet I (二島)
 1840.シーボルト 日本 第十九・二十分冊 朝鮮の地図 日本の資料による l Sampo
 1840.頃?シーボルト 日本 第十九・二十分冊  朝鮮八道之図 三陟蔚珍平海   鬱陵島=于山国=弓高  
 1840.頃シーボルト 日本 第二分冊 日本輿地路程全図    竹島松島記載なし  
 1844. China and Japan. London: Published by Henry Teesdale & Co. Drawn &
   Argonaut Dagelet  
1846.Handwritten map by Father Andre Kim (Kim Tae Gon, the first Korean Catholic priest, who was executed because of his religion, but managed to make this map in the short time he was in Korea    Ou-long tou+ Ou-san(東)  
1846.Chinesische Reich mit seinen Schutzstaaten nebst dem Japanischen
Radefeld, Carl Christian Franz, 1788-1874

 an island
 Argonaut I
 Dagelet I
1847.Carte de l'Empire Chinois et du Japon. Publiee par J. Andriveau-Goujon,
 Pinghay an island
an island
 I.argonaut I.dagelet  
 1847.Impero del Giappone. Questa Carta e stata eseguita su quella pubblicata in  Arrowsmith
 Pinghay Fanglingtao
 I.argonaut I.dagelet  
 1845-49 H.M.S Samrang    Dagelet  
 1848.04.16 米国捕鯨船Cherokeeが現竹島を目視     Saw two small islands not down on our chart. 
 1848 Chinese Empire And Japan. Greenleaf, Jeremiah   Argonaut Dargalet (二島)
1849.An outline chart, for the purpose of marking off the track of a ship. Blachford & Imray.  London   Argonaut -  
 1849.01.27 Sketch of Vue de ln Roche Liancourt prise sous cuilces le 17NOV1855De Souza     Vue de ln Roche Liancourt 
 1849.04.29Cambria     Saw two small islands not down on our chart. 
  Milner's Descriptive Atlas, 1850 Asia   a island
a island
a island
  1850.Milner's Descriptive Atlas,   China and Japan   ArgonautA island
  China  Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co Philadelphia / 1850    Argonaut I.
 Dagelet I.
 1851.TALLIS, John.Japan & Corea  London, John Tallis & Co., 1851. 265 c 330.
Fin Lin tou
 Argonaut.I黄色 I.Dagelet黄色?  
 1851.J. Rapkin: Japan and Corea.  Ping Hai beach
 Fan Ling tao  
 1852.The basin of the Pacific 
1852.The basin of the Pacific James wyld .New general atlas of modern geography.
 Ping-hai bay
  Argonaut.I Dagelet.  Australia Library
 1852.Das Chinesische Reich mit seinen Schutzstaaten, den Landern der  Geographisches Institut (Weimar, Germany); Kiepert, Heinrich, 1818-1899; Weiland, C. F. (Carl Ferdinand), d. 1847  Pinghai bay
an island
an island
 I.Argonaut I.dagelet  
 1855."Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World", a geographical dictionary, which was published in 1855 in Philadelphia, USA by Lippincott Company.    DAGELET
An island in the Sea of Japan, about midway
between Japan and Corea, 8 miles in circumference. Lat. (N.point) 37°25' N.,
lon. 130° 56' E.
 1855-2 JAPAN  NIPON,KIUSIU & SIKOK and the part of KOREA
UK Hidrographic office

1855.Japan, Nipon, Kiusiu and Sikok and a part of the coast of Korea : according to Krusenstern's chart of 1827 / Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty # Creator: Great Britain. Hydrographic Office/
 Pinghai Tchainsantao
(Argonaut 点線形式)Dagelet

American Geographical Society Digital Map Collection

 1855.Map of Japan and neighbors by Wilhelm Heine  Tchainsantao
 I.ArgonautI.Nicht bondahen Dagelet od Matsushima H.M.S Hornet 1855 田中氏
 1855.yhhr Bulletin de la Societe de Geographie (Paris)).Volume 9.Series 4   Samthek
 1855.China and Japan, Narrative of voyage Perry   I.Argonaut

 Dagelet or Matsushima

 H.M.S Hornet 1855 
1855.Japan  From Japan as it was and is by Richard Hildreth. Phillips, Sampson, and Company 1855
  an island(Argonaut)an island (Dagelet)  
 1855.Japan  Colton, Joseph Hutchin    New York: J.H. Colton & Co., pinghayan island
an island
 1855.Chinesisches Reich und Japan. Entw. u. gez. v. F. Handtke. Druck und

 an island
an island
 Argonaut I Dagelet I  
1856. Japan Nippon, Kiusiu, Sikok, Yesso And The Japanese Kuriles J.H. Colton
New York
 pinghay an island
an island
  by George Philip & Son   Tchainsantao
 Argonaut.I     Dagelet.I  
 1857(1882)朝鮮東海岸地図 ロシア海軍    Dagelet?

 Olivitsu Melenei
  1857.Japan Nippon, Kiusiu, Sikok,Yesso and the Japanese Kuriles  Colton  New York  an island
an island
 I.Argonaut Takeshima I.Dagelet Matsushima?  
  1858.Carte De L'Empire Chinois et du Japon…Andriveau-Goujon Paris an island
an island
 Argonaut? Dagelet?  
 1858. Asia (Eastern Sheet). t_J.H. Colton
New York
   Take shima Matsu shima  
 1859.SurveyD7467(1859)Actaeon    Detailed Dagelet Map Boussole Rock Seal point
 1859.map of Japan jameswyld

  Argonaut 1789
Argonaut lost her radder
   1860.Japan, Mandshuria (Showing The Course of the Amur River) The Kurile Isles &c. Accroding to the British & Russian Admiralty Surveys, Krusenstern, Siebold &c.   Fullarton    Edinburgh  Tchainchaintau?
 Argonaut? Dagelet?  
 China and Japan  Johnston   Edinburgh / 1861   Argonaut? Dagelet Matsushima  
 1861.China, Japan. by Johnston, Alexander Keith, 1804-1871 from 1861
 (Argonaut 点線)
Dagelet or Matsushima
1862.Asie Orientale, Chine & Japon. Atlas spheroidal & universel de geographie
Garnier, F. A., 1803-1863
 1863-2JAPAN NIPON,KIUSIU & SIKOK and the part of KOREA
UK hydrographic office
  (Tako shima Argonaut点線) Matsushima Dagelet +Bousole Rock Seal point
 Liancourt Rk Hornet I. Olivitsu Melenei
 1865. Carte general de l'Empire Chinois et du Japon Pinghai

  Argonaut黄色日本 Dagelet黄色日本  
 1865.Coree,par les Missionnaires de Coree de la Societe des Missions Etrangeres(Paris)    Oul-rang to=(東に)Ou-san
 1868 James Wyld 原本確認必要 特にSeal I  Argonaut 1789
Argonaut lost her radder
I.Dagelet+Boussole Rock + Seal.I
 1870.Carte de la Coree   Oul-rang to=(東に)Ou-san
(もとはDokdo museumだが現在ない)
 1870.August Petermann China(Ostr. Theil), Korea und Japan.      
 1871.Chart of the world on Mercator's projection Hermann, Berghaus

 Argonaut I Dagelet I Melenei I 
 1872.Japan E. Weller   Argonaut.I(点線消滅) Dagelet I Hornet.I 
 1872.Islands of Japan. (with) Japan, Mandshuria, (Showing the Course of the   Fullarton, A. & Co.   Pinghay bay fanglingtao
an islnad
 Argonaut Dagelet  
 1873.2Commision Imperiale Exposition Universelle de VIENNE 1873(日本製作)
   Taka.I Matou.I  田中邦貴氏
 1873.Asia   島 島 島 
1873. The Islands of Japan by James Wyld, Geographer to the Queen  Argonaut
Argonaut lost her ruddar
Matsusima ,I.Dagelet
Boussole Rk Seal I.
 Hornet I. 
Great Britain. Hydrographic Dept  broughton  Take 島 Hornet Australia library

 1874.Johnson's China and Japan Published by A. J. Johnson, New York. 114. 115.  .   Argonaut I
1874.Histoire de L'Englise de Coree by Claude Charles Dallet    Oul-rang to=(東に)Ou-san
 1875.China (Ostl. Theil), Korea Und Japan. by Stieler, Adolf .Sam sjop   Matsushima=I.Dagelet Lianocurt I (France) Hornet.I(UK) 
 1875Carte Generale de l'Empire Chinois et du Japon. Dresse par A. Brue,
  1876."General Gazetteer", a geographical dictionary, by R. Brookes, M.D. published in London, UK in 1876. (William Tegg & Co.)   island?no name
island? no name
 1879.China and Japan Johnston, Alexander Keith W.& A.K. Johnston
Edinbur gh
  (Argonaut点線) Dagelet or Matsushima  
 1880. Map of Japan (Dainippon)  by Eittau     Matsushima Hornet.I 田中氏
 1880韓仏辞書    OUL-NEUNG-TO 蔚陵島 Ile sur la cote est de Coree

OU-SAN 于山 Ile a I'E . de la Coree, pres de Oul-neung-to.
 1880 - German Map of Japan from Adolf Stieler's Hand Atlas 7th Edition 
 "Matsu Sima (Dagelet I.)"日本側"Liancourt In. (d. Franzosen) / Hornet In. (d. Englander) Pacifist
1881China and Japan. (with) Umgegend von Peking. (with) Umgegend von
    Matsu I DageletHornet In
 1883._Japan. (with) Kurile Islands. Letts's popular atlas. Letts, Son & Co. Limited,   Taka sima Matsu sima Liancourt rocks 

1884 Appleton Map of Japan and Korea, USA


Broughton B
   Dagelet I Hornet.I Pacifist
 1886.Les Coréens: aperçu ethnographique et historique   
U san (east of ul-longto)
 1888 - British map of Japan and Coreaby J. Bartholomew    Border Dagelet island(Matsu shima)日本側   
 1890.d'apres la Carte du Dictionanarire coreen-francais per les Missionaires de Coree  Echelle
    Oul-rang to=(東に)Ou-san
 1890.8 National Geographic
 1891 - German Map "Ost-China, Korea und Japan"  ( Stieler, Adolf; Gotha; Justus Perthes)*
   Border Matsu sima (Dagelet I.) Liancourt In. (d. Franzosen) - Hornet In. (d. Englander Pacifist Adams Antique]
 1891 - American map of Japan (International Cyclopaedia)   TAKA SHIMA無色 MATSU SHIMA日本色 LIANCOURT RKS無色 
 1891/1894 - American map of Japan (People’s Publishing Co. in Chicago)    Matsu Sima (Dagelet Isl.)” Liancourt Rocks  
1892.Karta Korei  Podzhio
   Argonaut.I ロシア語Oulongto  Dagelet?ロシア語  Olivitsu Faulsen Melenei Faulsen
 1892 - German Map of ”China und Japan ("Meyers Kleiner Handatlas," Leipzig)*    Matsu S. (Dagelet I.日本色 Liancourt Rocks日本色 Pacifist
1892.Chine et Coree. Grave par L. Smith. Dresse Sous La Direction De J. Migeon 1892.

   Matsu shima.
I. dagelet
Is Liancourt
 1892.Japon. Grave par L. Smith. Dresse Sous La Direction De J. Migeon Par Ch.1892.    Matou I. I.liancourt
1893.China. (with) Islands of Japan. By Keith Johnston, F.R.S.E. Keith Johnston's 
    Dagelet or Matsu sima(Ollong-to)
 Liancourt or hornet Is 
 "Andree's Allgemeiner Handatlas" (1893)     Matsu Schima 黄色朝鮮色
Liancourt R." -オレンジ日本色University of Alabama Map Library]
 1893 - German Map ”Ubersichtskarte von China und Japan” [Main author: Andree, Richard; Title/Description: Ubersichtskarte von China und Japan; Publication Info: Leipzig: Valhagen and Klasing, 1893; from the General Hand Atlas]   Matsu Schima" and "Liancourt R. 
 1894(1897) - German map of "JAPAN UND KOREA" ( Leipzig, Germany)*    Matsu-shima (Dagelet I.)日本色 "Liancourt In. (Hornet In.)日本色 
 1894.Chine Orientale, Coree,Japon" from E. Schraider's "Atlas de geographie moderne" which was published in 1894 in Paris, France by Librairie Hachette et Cie.l    Is. Dagelet (Matsou Sima) (Jap)" Is. Dagelet (Matsou Sima) (Jap)" Pacifist
 1894 - British map of Japan (Edward Stanford, Charing Cross, London)   "Taka Shima",Border "Matsu Shima"日本側 "Liancourt Rks. 
 1894.09.03.Carte de la Cor e du Japon et de la Chine Oriental (Le Petit Journal)   I.Ouen-san
1894 - British map of Japan and Korea (Popular Atlas of The World)   Argonaut I.(消滅系)BorderDagelet I日本側  Hornet Is. Paacifist
 1894.China Sea directory map 082    Matsu shima Liancourt Rocks 
 1894-1895 - British Map of Corea and Map of Islands of Japan (W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh & London)    Matsu-shima (Dagelet)"韓国なし
 1895.China and Japan. (with) Environs of Peking. (with) Environs of Tokio. 1895.    Matsu.I Liancourt Rocks 
 1895.Japan. (with) Liu Kiu Is. (with) Bonin Islands, Ogasawara S. (with Tsubu
    Matsushima Dagelet Liancourt rks
Hornet is
 1895 Karte von Tio-Sioj oder Korea   Argonauten I
 Olon-to I Dajelet Oliwec Felsen Menelaus Felsen 
 "JAPAN AND KOREA" from Bacon's Popular Atlas of the World, which was published in London in 1897.l   (Argonaut I消滅系).Border Dagelet I. 日本側 Hornet In.日本側 Oki Shima"
 1897.The Corean government: constitutional changes, July 1894 to October 1895. Wilkinson, William Henry, 1858-    Dagelet Id.  
 1897.Rand, McNally & Company's indexed atlas of the world map of Japan.
   Taka I
 Matsu I
Boussoule rk
Seal pt
 Liancourt Rks
 1898.Korea And Her Neighbours  Uljing
  Matsushima-I.Dagelet  Liancourt Rocks Hornet I. 
 1898 British map [Main author: Imray, James and Son; Title/Description: Japan Islands; Publication Info: London, James Imray and Son, 1898]    "MATSU ISL." (with Boussoul rock etc) "Liancourt Rks." Murray Hudson]
 1898.スタンフォード・マップ    Argonaut.I Taka shima Dagelet I Matsushima Hornet.I 
 1899 American map [Main author: The Matthews-Northrup Company, Title/Description: Empires of China, Japan and Korea, Publication Info: Chicago: J. Martin Miller, 1899]    Matsushimaオレンジ日本色 Hornet Is.オレンジ日本色 P Murray Hudson]
 1900.中国及び周辺地域図 E. ブレットシュナイダー サンクトペテルブルグ ロシア図    Dagelet  
1900.Map of Korea The Office of "The Times", Printing House Square, London l Broughton B   Matsu shima  Pacifist 朝鮮図
1903._Japan. London atlas series. Stanford's Geographical Establishment. London
Edward Stanford Ltd.; Stanford, Edward
 Matsu shima 4000 Liancourt Rocks 
 1903.Rand, McNally & Co.'s China. Chinese Empire with Japan and Korea.   Taka I
 Matsu I
 Liancourt Rocks
 Edinburgh 1903 by Adam & Charles Black for Encyclopaedia Britannica (10th Edition)   Taka Shima青日本色 Matsu Shima日本色 Hornet Is. (Liancourt Rocks)青日本色 Oki Is青日本色.
1904.Map of Korea L.Hamilton    Matsushima Dagelet I  
 1904.Russo-Japanese War District Cram George F Chicago George F. Cram   Taka.IKorea-Japan Bondary

1928.Sketch map of Chosen : railway connection between Japan and China       American Geographical Society Digital Map Collection
1943. # Korea industrial production / drawn in Ge. # Creator: United States. Dept. of State. Division of Geography and Cartography/
      American Geographical Society Digital Map Collection
 1943.Air navigation chart V30-17 [Japan] (G270:1/1) United States, U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office
   ? ? 
1945. Korea, area surveyed at scale 1:50,000 (sketch map) / R & A, OSS. A brief outline of the work of the Japanese Land Survey Department.
  Higashi chosen wan
Sea of Japan
   Ullueng(Utsuryo-to) -

 American Geographical Society Digital Map Collection
1945. Korea administrative divisions / R & A, OSS. # Creator: United States. Office of Strategic Services. Research and Analysis Branch

    Ullueng(Utsuryo-to)   American Geographical Society Digital Map Collection
 Japan And Korea Map 1945 By National Geographic Higashi chosen wan
Sea of Japan
   Ullnegdo(Utsuryo-to) Take Shima (Liancourt rocks)
 1945-50? Geographia Map Company's Large Scale Map of Kore    Ulluengdo  Pacifist
 1946.Korea : zones of occupation / R&A OSS. # Creator: United States. Dept. of State. Division of Map Intelligence and Cartography/    Ullueng  The Map Database
1949. Korea # Creator: United States. Central Intelligence Agency


 1949.Shows international and provincial boundaries, national and provincial capitals, place names and other cities.  "11171... 4-49."  "CIA reproduction."    (Ullunegdo shape)
 University of Wisconsin site
 Daily Telegraph by Geographia Ltd, 167 Fleet Street, London in circa 1950.l    Ullung  Pacifist(朝鮮図)

1950's Rand McNally Official War Map of Korea

Tongjoson Bay   Ulleng(Utsuryo-to) 韓国色 Take 日本色? Pacifist
1950.Korea 1:250,000 Series L552, U.S. Army Map Service, 1950l
NJ 52-11 Samch'ok [with inset map of Ullung-do]
    Ulluengdo + Detailed place of name.+Jukdo, Gwaneumdo.

  University of texas library
1952.     Shows roads, railroads, provincial boundaries, international boundaries and capital cities.  Includes glossary.  "12166 7-52."  "GPO-SSO-44." US govt printing office.
 1954."Korea: Her History and Culture"  y the Office of Public Information, Republic of Korea.    Ullugndo  Pacifist
 1954."Military Maps of All Theaters of Operation"   by C.S. Hammond & Co. (New York) Tongjoson Bay   Ullungdo  Pacifist
 1960.Japan And Korea Map 1960 By National Geographic Tongjoson man
Sea of Japan
   Ulluengdo (Dagelet) Take Shima(Lianocourt Rocks)

 1967. 108-109. China, Mongolian People's Republic, Korea. The World Atlas.1967 Chief Administration of Geodesy and Cartography under the Council of Ministers of the USSR. The World Atlas. Second Edition. Moscow. 1967.    Ulluengdo (Korea) Liancourt 
 1967. 122. Korea. The World Atlas.1967.Chief Administration of Geodesy and Cartography under the Council of Ministers of the USSR. The World Atlas. Second Edition. Moscow. 1967.
    Ulluengdo(Korea) - 
 1967.Korea. (inset) Cheju-do. Pergamon World Atlas. Pergamon Press, Ltd. &
Polish Army Topography Service
    Ullunegdo(republic of Korea)
 1967.U.S.S.R. - Far East, Korea, Japan. Pergamon World Atlas. Pergamon Press1967.
Polish Army Topography Service

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