Strategic Alliances

Empathy in the Workplace
by Strategic Alliances at Bay Path University

Did you know that the United States is in the midst of a Fourth Industrial Revolution? To meet the challenges of this new and evolving workplace, the World Economic Forum predicts that by the year 2020, soft skills will be among the most sought after skillsets needed by leaders and their teams.

Empathy is one of these critical skills and can help enhance leadership capabilities, better connect with teams and others, and improve innovation and performance.

Please join us for this interactive half-day workshop to learn how to lead, communicate and perform with empathy to create positive impact at work and in life.

Who Should Attend:

New and emerging leaders who will benefit from this course include those who wish to:

  • Understand what empathy is and why it is a critical leadership skill
  • Gain insight into the neuroscience behind empathy
  • Explore what keeps us from being empathetic in the workplace
  • Learn how to develop empathetic muscle and how to effectively use it as a leader