Alissa Stover


Triple E Decal: Expressive Exercises in Empathy
"Do you find it mysterious how two people can communicate about emotions without needing to read thoughts? Do you care deeply for others and wish more people would be the same? Or do you feel disconnected emotionally from other people and wish to change that? Do you think it's possible to improve society on a larger scale by improving the way people relate emotionally?

We believe that empathy is not only fascinating as a concept, but important as a skill on an individual and societal level. By the end of this course we aim to have a better understanding of empathy and to feel more able to use it in our daily lives.

The class incorporates short weekly readings and reflection pieces, as well as group trips and activities. We hope to research empathy as a group and build relationships with each other over the course of the semester. We will also volunteer as a group at the end of the semester, and encourage students to give back to the community on a regular basis."