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Empathy University
"The Empathy University (TEU) is an organisation that focuses on providing impactful coaching and facilitation to students, teachers, corporate employees, and professionals, in general, to inculcate within them powerful life skills such as empathy and social consciousness. TEU conducts workshops that promote the conscious practice of empathy through which participants can positively transform not just the quality of their own lives, but the lives of those around them as well. TEU also aims to bring out the hidden leader in each individual and through the collective collaboration of these everyday leaders, bring massive positive changes to the society through an empathic revolution."

Why Empathy
Empathy, in all likeliness, is a quality that if learned could create massive social change like never before. It can be a tool to fight almost all evils that exist in the world today...

To help in positively transforming quality of life through the conscious practice of empathy and social responsibility.  To bring out the hidden social leader in each individual...