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Experiencing Scale 1969

The Experiencing Scale: A Research and Training Manual Volume 1, (p.56-63)
by M. H. Klein, P. L. Mathieu, E. T. Gendlin and D. J. Kiesler (1969)
Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute


"The Dimension of Experiencing has been elaborated in the theoretical work of Eugene Gendlin. It refers to the quality of an individual's experiencing of himself as revealed in his verbal communications; it ranges from impersonal, superficial, or abstract-intellectual content at low levels, progresses through intermediate stages where bodily feelings and experiencing are revealed in fuller descriptive detail, to more advanced stages where feelings are purposefully explored and emergent levels of experiencing serve as referents for problem resolution and understanding. 

Its association with independent evaluations of therapeutic success is established in a number of studies with different patient populations. There is a consistent, positive relationship between successful therapeutic outcome and the experiencing level manifested by the patient throughout a series of therapy sessions. More complex findings suggest that different trends and patterns of experiencing may occur in different diagnostic groups..."


based on the Focusing process. 

The Experiencing Scale: A Research and Training Manual