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ECRS 1981

 LaMonica's (1981) Empathy Construct Rating Scale (ECRS). 

"Of particular interest to nursing is an instrument developed by La Monica (1981) called the Empathy Construct Rating Scale (E.C.R.S.). La Monica developed this instrument for use among nursing and other health professionals who are in a position of giving help and who are in positions of authority relative to the recipients of care. The E.C.R.S. is an 84 item 6 point questionnaire rating scale, and is similar in format to the B.L.R.I. It offers great flexibility in view of its potential as a self-report, client or associate/observer measure of empathy."


A validity study of four empathy instruments.
Layton JM, Wykle MH.
"The construct validity of four empathy instruments were evaluated through examining group differences and correlations between tests. Subjects were 18 registered nurses (RNs) and 32 nursing assistants (NAs). Instruments used were the 
  • Empathy Test (Layton, 1979), 
  • the Carkhuff (1969a, 1969b) Empathic Understanding in Interpersonal Processes Scale, 
  • the empathy subtest of the Barrett-Lennard (1962) Relationship Inventory, and
  •  LaMonica's (1981) Empathy Construct Rating Scale (ECRS)."