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When a peer support giver turns away or does not attend to the person, what happens is the person may be diverted from the topic. The person may feel he/she is not being accepted, which not only blocks communication, but also lowers the self-esteem of the person."

a way to punish, avoid, demean, to withdraw presence.    

"Researchers have also identified childrearing practices which are NEGATIVELY related to the development of empathy: 
"INCONSISTENT CARE (e.g., inconsistency in parents' reactions to children's emotional needs) and PARENTAL REJECTION/WITHDRAWAL in times of children's emotional needs are both associated with low levels of empathy on the parts of the children (Kestenbaum, Farber, and Sroufe 1989)." "
(Cotton 1992)*

 is distracting the other person from his or her agenda, often by reassuring the other that everything well be all right of diverting to another agenda. The subtle message conveyed in this category is "I'm really uncomfortable hearing these feelings."