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Training packages and descriptions
C&C Empathy Training have put together the ideal combination of sessions and training days to give your staff the best learning outcomes.

Have a look at popular courses run both in house at your organisation, or at regional days. All courses can be adapted to suit different groups and Carolyn is very happy to work with your organisation to tailor make the course to tie in with specific mission statements, visions and objectives.

A Journey Through Complaints Using Empathy
“"Hospital Trusts must listen well to complaints" Rob Behrens, Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsmen, 17th August, 2017

A Journey Through Communication Using Empathy
A one-day course to develop a deeper level of communication to approach difficult and sensitive conversations with patients, families and other members of staff with empathy

Using Empathy and Emotional Development Conference Subjects
Carolyn has been public speaking since 2006 about the emotional side of health and social care on many subjects, reaching audiences including government officials, medical and legal professionals, advocates, junior medics, complaints staff and members of the public.

A Journey Through Care Homes Using Empathy
This one-day workshop will provide delegates with essential skills to understand & implement effective relationship focussed work. They will gain deeper understanding of loss within life, communication and the role empathy plays in this.

A Journey in Leadership Using Empathy
This one-day course examines, in a unique, thought provoking and human way, the important role empathy and emotional awareness plays in inclusive leadership, staff well-being and productivity, and what

 erodes it.