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Diagnosing: "Your problem is you’re a compulsive worrier."

Empathy Blocker: Diagnosing/labeling
 You are being over-sensitive.

"Labeling and diagnosis is a catastrophic way to communicate. Telling other people what is wrong with them greatly reduces, almost to zero, the probability that we're going to get what we're after." Marshall Rosenberg

Reflective Listening, 1994 Neil Katz and Kevin McNulty
3. Diagnosing
Tell the other person what his of her motives are or analyzing the "why" being what he or she is doing or saying,  (Communicating that you have figured out, or diagnosed, the other.)
  • You're saying this because you are angry
  • You are jealous
  • What you really need it... 
  • You have problems with authority.
  • You want to look good.
  • You've being a bit paranoid."