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Is Narrow

the criticism that empathy is only for the person that is in front of you.
Or that empathy is a focus, beam that only focuses on a narrow aspect.
Paul Bloom mentions this in his book and articles.

The Dangers Of Politics Based On Empathy - Ben Shapiro & Jordan Peterson

YouTube Video

what is the compassionate argument for more conservative policies.
Ben Shapiro Says
  • Empathy is bad politics because it makes you a worse person in politics because you empathize with the person who is right in front of you, but you forget about the 100's of people who the polices actual impacts. Indirectly  references 'Against Empathy' by Bloom
  • Then starts talking about compassion.

Jordan Peterson - Paul Bloom - Empathy can Shut You Up..or Worse!

YouTube Video

"A few video clips from Jordan Peterson's interview with Stephan Molyneux, along with an excerpt from a video by Paul Bloom on Big Think. I have some issues with Stephan Molyneux overall, but I found this particular interview insightful in a number of ways. The clips in this compilation highlight some of the concern when empathy is overstated. When a group empathizes, they identify those they empathize with as 'victims'. This can lead to the creation of a culture of victimhood, and a need to find victims to fight for. Empathy then drives the potential for hate against those perceived as perpetrators. Empathetic argument can be used to politically silence opponents and stifle free speech. This doesn't mean that being empathetic is a bad thing. It simply points out that there is an opposite side to everything - and "checks and balances" are important."

Jordan Peterson
  • If you are empathic you protect the people that you are empathic towards. The mother bear protecting it's young.. So empathy is selective and a cause of violence toward others.
  • They say, "If you are empathic you would not hurt someone" that is wrong, If you are empathic you protect the people that you are empathic towards if that means you have to step on them.