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Positive Empathy Measures  (PES)
We define positive empathy as understanding and vicariously sharing others’ positive emotions
(Morelli, Lieberman, Telzer,& Zaki, under review).

"The current literature provides many tools and methodologies for assessing positive empathy. Here we will focus brief ly on our own operationalization of positive empathy to establish the  validity of this construct as a state and trait. The Positive Empathy Scale (PES) measures trait positive empathy with seven items, such as “When someone else is enthusiastic, I can’t help  but be enthusiastic too” and “If I don’t understand why someone is excited, I try to put myself  in their shoes and understand what they’re thinking and feeling” (Morelli, Lieberman, et al.,  under review). "
The Emerging Study of Positive Empathy
Sylvia A. Morelli
Matthew D. Lieberman
 Jamil Zaki1