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Problem Solving

Solving the problem 
"The point is to let him get past his upset so that he can begin to think about solutions himself, not to solve it for him. When he expresses his feelings about something, you’ll want to listen and acknowledge, rather than jumping in with solutions. That means you’ll have to manage your own anxiety about the issue."
The importance of empathy by Melissa Corkhill

is sidetracking the other person's communication by moving right away to a solution offered by you. You questions, advice, ordering, threatening, moralizing or problem solving often interfere with the the person's exploring those thoughts and feelings that can lead to solutions with address the heart of the situation. "

6. Problem Solving. 
Engaging the other in a problem solving process prematurely.
  • Let's problem solve this now...
  • We have to be rational about this...
  • Maybe iuf we brainstorm some alternatives now...
  • Let's set aside these feelings and address the real issues."