Jeremy Howick

Putting Empathy into Practice: a workshop for healthcare practitioners

by Jeremy Howick


More and more evidence suggests that empathy improves patient outcomes and practitioner well-being, yet the extent to which practitioners express empathy is variable. This workshop will cover the theory and practice of empathy in healthcare, showing how individuals can enhance empathy in own work and in their organisations.

Who is this course for?

Practitioners and managers in health and social care who want to further understand and develop empathy based practice.

During this workshop you will

  • Review the evidence linking empathy with improved patient, practitioner, and system outcomes.
  • Provide healthcare practitioners with personalised evidence-based empathy techniques they can use in their practice to improve patient outcomes as well as their well-being.
  • Create strategies to form ‘empathy habits’.
  • Develop a personal plan to enhance empathy in your day-to-day work.