Lou Agosta

Training and Empathy Consulting Services

The answer is empathy – what’s the question? Stress pushes people down into survival. People stress other people, being difficult to deal with at home, on the job, in school, or at leisure with friends. In the Empathy Training Seminar (ETS) the participants get an opportunity to engage directly the obstacles that stopping them from getting the empathy. Participants acquire the empathic responsiveness needed to experience satisfaction in relationships of all kinds, personal and professional.

Participants overcome the obstacles to effective relationships and shift out of survival mode and into empathic responsiveness in which fulfillment and satisfaction occur that did not previously seem possible. The top ten benefits of the empathy training seminar include

  1. reduced conflict in one’s life and one’s organization, reducing dignity violations and related anger and rage
  1. expanded cooperation in one’s personal and professional relations, increasing satisfaction with one’s individual and organizational goals
  1. reduced time to results in personal and professional projects, expanding teamwork
  1. expanded listening to other individuals and to oneself
  1. the ability to get one’s power back in the face of resistance, no agreement, or bullying
  1. what is empathy and the distinction between empathy and compassion, altruism, and charity (they are not the same!)
  1. the ability to eliminate or significantly reduce compassion fatigue or burnout in working with difficult individuals, patients, or clients
  1. expanded humor, creativity, and wisdom – closely related to empathy – in navigating the boundary between self and other
  1. the ability to distinguish what happened from what you made it mean
  1. demonstrate and deliver empathy – making empathy present in the conversation – as a leader, a liaison or a disturbance handler

Palatine Jaycees Offer Free Leadership Training Seminar
"The Palatine Jaycees are hosting a free leadership training titled Building Leadership with Empathy on April 28, 2018 at the Palatine Community Center at 250 E. Wood Street in the Band Room on the second floor from 9:30 am to 11:30 am."

DEC 3:  Empathy, Stress Reduction, and Brain Science on Sat Dec 3rd 9 AM