It could be very helpful to have a heading for stories about empathy.  
So gather actual experiences of people talking about their personal experiences of it.

  • Edwin Rutsch  (Contributor),
  • Jean Morrison (Contributor),
  • Kristin Masters (Contributor), 
  • Christine King (Contributor), 
  • Miki Kashtan(Contributor),
  •  Jim Manske (Contributor), 
  • Sarah Peyton (Contributor), 
  • Dian Killian (Contributor), 
  • Sura Hart (Contributor), 
  • Victoria Kindle Hodson (Contributor), 
  • Thom Bond (Contributor), 
  • Mair Alight(Contributor), 
  • Catherine Cadden (Contributor), 
  • Katherine Revoir(Contributor), 
  • Mark Schultz (Contributor)