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Youth Empathy & Social Values

The Child & Family Research Centre’s work on youth social empathy includes a large research study, curriculum development and the mainstreaming of social empathy education in schools and teacher education.


The Youth Empathy & Social Values (YES) project is closely linked to other core research areas of UNESCO Chair, in particular Youth as Researchers , Youth & Civic Engagement and Prevention of Youth Radicalisation. Supported by the Centre’s patron Cillian Murphy, the YES project aims to inform the development of policy interventions in the area of education and child and youth development.

What is Empathy?
"Empathy is about valuing, respecting and understanding another person's point of view - It is key to preventing bullying, tackling racism, promoting understanding and improving social connectedness among young people" - Cillian Murphy, Patron of the UNESCO CFRC & Empathy Education Project


The Youth Empathy and Social Values (YES) Project has three components.


  • Click here for more information on the IRC Youth Empathy Study.
  • Click here for more information on the Social Empathy Education Project.
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  • A PhD study was started in October 2017 in the area of social values and empathy among youth, with a specific research focus to be decided. Click here for more information.