Empathy Training Literature Review and Wiki

Premise: For the universal well-being of all individuals, societies and relationships, empathy needs to be increased through modeling, education, training, practice and social systems re-design. 

 An initial prototype and test site. Do join our team to build this empathy training wiki.  This is part of our Empathy Training Curriculum Design Project.

Our team holds regular meetings to gather, research, share, discuss, 'empathize with', analyze and organize academic based papers, articles and studies about teaching and training empathy. We are;
  • Building a website with these empathy training resources.You can add papers to our database with the Input Form
  • Creating a meta-analysis study and paper from our findings. This project supports the development of our Empathy Training and Curriculum project
We especially invite the academic community, professors, Phds, graduate students, researchers, as well as, empathy training practitioners to join our team. This project is a way for researchers to more effectively build on each others work.

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Lit Review Meetings 
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Empathy MOOC Development Team 
A team to design actual lessons. 
Working shared google doc.

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Edwin Rutsch 
Dorothy J. Della Noce, J.D., Ph.D., is an award-winning adult educator known for her dynamic delivery of classroom teaching, online teaching, and workplace training programs. She has taught at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels for more than 15 years. She is also experienced with faculty development, curriculum design, and training design. Dorothy is currently on the faculty of the Communication Program at Walden University.

Sascha Bosetzky

  • PhD Candidate on Empathy.
  • Working on training empathy. Specific area still not determined.
  • Trainer, Coach und Talentmanager
  • sascha.bosetzky@empathieakademie.de
  • PhD Candidate on training empathy
  • Communication Science at University of Twente, Holland
  • m.m.oudshoorn-fuller@pl.hanze.nl

Yonty Friesem
  • PhD. Central Connecticut State University
  • Working to create an empathy trainer conference. 
  • yontyfilm@gmail.com

Xuan Zhau
  • PhD Candidate in Perspective Taking, Brown University
  •  xuan_zhao@brown.edu

Rosa Zubizarreta
  • PhD Candidate
  • Bridging the divide between empathy practitioners and the academic community. 
  • rosa@diapraxis.com

  • Lou Agosta PhD is on the faculty of the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. He practices psychotherapy in the Chicago. His area of concentration includes the dynamic containing and transforming of domestic violence and intimate partner abuse. Author of Empathy in the Context of Philosophy and two other books on empathy.
  • Lagosta@uchicago.edu