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The Meaning of Life



What is it all about?...


Did you ever ask yourself the questions?

"Where did I come from?" and "why am I here?"...and "just where am I going?"  These questions are not connected to your parentage.  They are much bigger than that.


There has never been a person born of reasonable intelligence, who was not able to seek the answers to these three questions.



    But how many of us have found the answers?  …Have you?


If you could find answers to these questions you would be able to discover the 'meaning of life' and this would be a magnificent discovery.  The amazing thing is that it doesn’t matter who you are; whether male or female or what nationality you are or what colour or how old you are - you are still able to find the answers.


Let’s look at the questions!


Where did I come from?...


As we have said, this is not a question of our parentage, but rather of our creation.


How were 'you' created?  What were 'your' beginnings?  Is it reasonable to assume that as you were created, there must be a Creator?


Now we would all have to agree that something cannot come out of nothing.  Everything and everyone must have come from something, somewhere.  There must have been a source - a beginning.



Did we just evolve?...


    Some might say that we just evolved.


There was this 'big bang' and everything just 'started up', and there was this minute 'life form' and it changed and improved until it one day became a man and that started the whole human race and 'here we are'!...



What about the 'Big Bang'?...



Now have you ever seen anything that was created from and explosion?

An explosion causes destruction but it does not usually create anything.

Look around you at the wonders of nature.

Could all that variety of created forms arise from some enormous 'big bang' way back in the beginning of time? - Not likely...  That would be about as logical as claiming that the Unabridged Oxford English Dictionary, all 24 volumes of it was created by an explosion in a printing factory, when all the billions of letters and words just fell into the right order.



Perhaps a 'Jelly Fish'?...


But what about the little bitty jelly fish?  Could that have improved itself?  The difficulty with this idea is that we are lead to believe that all living creatures (and there are millions of them), gradually improved over millions of years.  If this was so we would be able to find all the 'transient mutant forms' (half forms) in the rocks of history.  At what point in time did they stop 'improving'?  Why are all creatures not still evolving to more superior beings now?


Or a Homing Pigeon?...


Consider for a moment what would happen if, let us say, a pigeon evolved from a fish.  Now a pigeon has a highly sensitized light detector  ... a built in 'homing device'.  What would happen if Percy Pigeon left home with only a half developed 'radar' on board?  He would surely be safer to stay at home or he might have to fly until he dropped... or hope that, that part of evolution would be fixed in mid-flight.


Could we have come from an explosion or a jellyfish?  It's most unlikely!


Where did 'We' come from?...


So where did we come from? Where and when was our beginning?


The only logical approach is that a great being of infinite power was the source of all that exists.  Now some may say. "Where did that being come from"?


A very good question.  We have already said that something cannot come out of nothing and as 'finite' creatures, with our 'limited ability to think', we need to explain 'beginnings and endings' in all things.  But do we know where ‘East’ begins and ‘West’ ends?  Or where a circle begins and ends?

What about 'Time and Space'?...


But think for a while about time and space.


When did time begin and when will it end?  What about space?  Where does that start and finish?


I we could answer these questions we should ‘all know' and have 'infinite minds' and our understanding would be limitless.  If we knew the beginnings and endings of time and space we would also understand where the "Creator" came from.



The Fundamental Necessary Being…


The Creator must therefore be seen as a Necessary Being or Essential Being; the source of all matter and energy, who has always been there and cannot not exist.  All scientist and men of logic must admit they also are ignorant in their understanding of eternity and infinity.



What are the Scientific Facts?...


When we inquire into the beginning of all things, while evolution would demand Transmutant forms (half forms), we see all creatures only reproducing after their own kind.


Take the mule for instance.  Its mum might be a 'horse' and its dad a 'donkey' (no reflection on the male population).  Both of these creatures are still of 'one genus', or type of creature...but the poor old mule can never become a parent.  It is unable to reproduce.  It did not improve with the 'change' in natural procedure.

These are scientific facts and it just so happens that the story of creation in the Bible's book of Genesis agree with these facts.



Creation must be right....


Where did you come from?  You were magnificently created by a great creator who at this time we will call God.


Well!  Now we have looked at one of our three questions, let us continue on with our quest to discover the true meaning of our existence, by finding the answers to the other two...


We find the answer to these other two questions in the Bible.  But what is the Bible? 


Find out by reading, “Hello! Its God Talking”…

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