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The Naturalness of Jesus < The 'naturalness' of Jesus becomes all the more powerful when we grasp Biblically that Jesus is our representative; exactly because He was really, genuinely human, He is such a natural and powerful imperative to us in our behaviour.
Jesus died because He gave out His Spirit, as an act of the will. He didn’t just let events happen to Him. He was not mastered in His life by human lusts and selfish desires; He was in that sense the only ultimately free person to have ever lived.

Christ-centredness The Gospel of the Lord Jesus isn't a collection of ideas and theologies bound together in a statement of faith.
To achieve the " measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ" is the 'perfection' or maturity towards which God works in our lives. As we read of Him day by day, slowly His words and ways will become ours.

The Bible and the doctrine of the Trinity: Man and his soul

Theodore Beza (1519-1605) Calvinist theologian. A Burgundian, in 1588 Beza accepted an offer from Calvin to teach at the newly founded academy at Geneva.

The Challenge of Bible Teachings About denominations and cults.
We need first of all to determine the factors that create a cult. Is anyone who believes differently from us, automatically a member of a cult?

Christ Died For Me: So What Should I Do?We died and rose with Christ, if we truly believe in His representation of us and our connection with Him, then His freedom from sin and sense of conquest will be ours; as the man guilty of blood was to see in the death of the High Priest a representation of his own necessary death, and thereafter was freed from the limitations of the city of refuge (Num. 35:32,33).

Does the Bible or the Qur'an have stronger historical corroboration? According Toby Jepsonhistorical corroboration is vital for both the Bible and the Qur'an, as both of them talk about people, places and events - the stuff of history.
A wealth of textual material supports the historicity of biblical events. A fascinating tour of the British Museum contains many exhibits relating to the people and events of the Bible.
In terms of contemporary documentation, the New Testament in particular has excellent support for its text thanks to the church fathers, whilst many points of history throughout the whole Bible are illuminated and confirmed by independent sources.

The Danger of Cults

Demons: Why Didn’t Jesus Correct People?

Demons: The Language Of The Day We see that in the New Testament it was the language of the day to describe someone as being possessed with demons if they were mentally ill or had a disease which no one understood.

The Danger of Cults; From Fervour to Fanaticism

The Devil Not A Personal Super-Natural Being, But The Scriptural Personification of Sin In Its Manifestations Among Men.
The words "devil" and "Satan" occur repeatedly in the Scriptures, and are used in a personal sense; but there is no affirmation of the doctrine popularly attached to the words. This is remarkable; for if the doctrine be true, it would be reasonable to expect that it would be formally enunciated like other points of truth.

Distinction between the ethnic group and the ‘objective’, perceivable culture

The essence of the emblems Christ invited us to partake at his table.We are comforted when we partake of the emblems and remember the saving blood of Jesus, joy in that he has forgiven us and accepted us at his table. We have the cup of the New Testament in Christ’s blood (Lk.22: 20). We think of Christ whenever we approach the bread and wine.

God Manifestation Angels carrying God's name, men with God's name, Jesus and the name of God. Jesus ascended to heaven and God “gave him a name which is above every name” - But we would not agree with the thinking of the writer of the article that it is the same name as Yahweh.

The Use of God’s Name

God’s Spirit As God is a real, personal being with feelings and emotions, it is to be expected that He will have some way of sharing His desires and feelings with us, His children, and of acting in our lives in a way that will be consistent with His character. God does all of these things by His “spirit”. If we wish to know God and have an active relationship with Him, we need to know what this “spirit of God” is, and how it operates.

The Gospel A study about the Good News of God's kingdom that comes to us in the Bible message, which has to be told, what it meant and what it means.

Grace upon Grace Having been justified (counted righteous) by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in the glory of God.

The Kingdom of God A new beautiful Kingdom promised to Abraham, spoken of by the prophets and by Jesus. Apostles preached it.
To us is given the Gospel of the Kingdom which shall be realized.

The Inspiration Of The Cross In Daily Life The love of Christ in the cross is to have a continual inspiration upon us- endless love, countless moments of re-inspiration, are to come to us daily because of the cross.
The cross was the ultimate example of a Man being misjudged and misunderstood and condemned unjustly. When we feel like that, and the nature of our high speed, superficially judging society means that it seems to happen more in this generation than any other [and with deeper consequences]… then we know we are sharing the sufferings of the Lord.
The cross can touch and transform the hardest and most damaged heart.

Living Apart together

Luther, Martin (1483-1546) Founder of the German Reformation. Ordained a priest in 1507, Luther became in 1508 professor of moral philosophy in the faculty of the arts at the recently founded University of Wittenberg.

Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531) Swiss reformer. Ordained a priest in 1506, Zwingli was a devoted admirer of Erasmus.

John Calvin (1509-1564) French/Swiss reformer. Studying law at Bourges in 1530, Calvin became familiar with the ideas of Humanism and was probably exposed to the ideas of Martin Luther.
His growing sympathy with the Reformation movement led to his flight from Paris in 1533, after the Rector of the University of Paris delivered a controversial address thought to have been composed by Calvin, which showed affinities with Erasmus and Luther.
Wrote Ecclesiastical Ordinances and Institutio Religionis Christanae, Calvin’s Institutes, was published in Latin at Basle in 1536.

John Knox(c. 1513-1572) Eventually returning to Scotland in 1559, Knox became a leader of the Reforming party, drew up the Scottish Confession, and was the main author of the Book of Common Order (1556-64), the Scottish service book.
One of Knox’s significant works is History of the Reformation of Religion within the Realms of Scotland. Originally issued in an unfinished edition in 1587, it was immediately seized and suppressed. The first complete edition appeared in 1644.

Male and Female Roles in Old Testament Society

Man and his soul In the grace of God, we too can become part of this New Creation, though faith in the Son of God and by sharing in his resurrection.

Mary, who was she & what was her role Mary was a young virgin girl of the royal tribe of Judah, and a direct descendant of David. If you have never considered the Catholic Church’s teachings concerning Mary, you will be stunned to see what they have done with this humble Jewish girl.

The Meaning Of Christ's Resurrection For Us If we believe in the resurrection of Jesus, we will preach it world-wide. He died and rose as the representative of all men; and therefore this good news should be preached to all kinds and all races of people.The Lord's resurrection enabled forgiveness of sins. Because of the Name the Lord has been given, salvation has been enabled. The fact of the Lord's resurrection has assured forgiveness of sins for all who will identify themselves with it through baptism into Him; and this is why it is thereby an imperative to preach it, if we believe in it.
Seeing that God intends resurrecting our body, our body means so much to Him that Christ died and rose again to enable our bodily resurrection, therefore it matters a lot what we do with our body right now!

Melanchthon in 1540 was accepted by the Reformed (Calvinist) churches in Germany.

Middle Bronze Age For most of the Old Testament, we can find a good deal of archaeological evidence in the Middle East to corroborate the historical record e.g.: Moabite, Canaanite, Persian, Assyrian and Babylonian artefacts and excavation.
The biblical timeframe is being verified by a whole wave of new data from the Middle East which under the new chronology of Egypt ties in extremely well with the biblical account.

+ > David, Moses, Avaris, Joshua, Joseph, Jacob, sojourn, famine and the Israelites

migrants - living apart together

Monotheism Neither Paul or any writer of the Bible ever stated that "there is One God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit." No example out of thousands of occurrences of Jahweh (OT) and God (NT) can be shown to mean "God in three Persons." The Triune God is foreign to the Bible. The words of Paul need careful consideration: "There is no God but one…. To us there is One God, the Father" (1 Cor. 8:4, 6) There is also one Lord Messiah, Jesus (1 Cor. 8:6), but He is the Lord Christ (Luke 2:11; Ps. 110:1), the Son of the One God, His Father.

Moses and The Israelites

Nature of Preexistence in the New Testament Though the Messiah was foreknown (not known, but foreknown, as was Jeremiah before his birth, Jer. 1:5), he was manifested by being brought into actual existence at his birth (Luke 1:35). This is a typically Jewish way of understanding God’s purpose for mankind. He executes the Plan at the appropriate time. The so-called "pre-existence" of Jesus in John refers to his "existence" in the Plan of God.
Consider the disastrous effects of not paying attention to the Jewish ways of thinking found in the Bible, which was written (with the exception of Luke) by Jews. Clearly if Jews do not mean what we mean by "pre-existence" we are liable to misunderstand them on basic issues about who Jesus is. There is a huge difference between being predestined or foreordained and actually preexisting.
There is a deafening silence about any real pre-existence of Christ in Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts and Peter, and the whole of the Old Testament. Not only do they not hint at a pre-human Son of God, they contradict the idea by talking of the origin (genesis) of Jesus (Matt. 1:18) and his begetting as Son (Matt. 1:20) in Mary’s womb.

New Chronology

Old Testament is a mirror The New Testament is only completely understood when it is seen as being built upon the foundation of the events, characters, laws, sacrificial system, covenants, and promises of the Old Testament. Without the OT, we would not understand the Jewish customs that are mentioned in passing in the NT. The Old Testament is a mirror that allows us to see ourselves in the lives of OT characters and helps us learn vicariously from their lives.

Omniscience to the evil Good and evil are regarded as separate essences, and each is attributed to the control of a separate being.

OT - Without we would not understand the Jewish customs

What will the future (Paradise) Earth be like?

Pastor Russell is not the founder of JW Contrary to some publicity made concerning "Jehovah's Witnesses," Pastor Russell is not the founder of this religious group. He has never associated with "Jehovah's Witnesses" nor did he ever claim the name. Pastor Charles T. Russell died in 1916. The "Jehovah's Witnesses" came into existence later. Associating Pastor Russell with "Jehovah's Witnesses" leaves the decidedly mistaken view that their teachings and beliefs are alike. Such is not the case.
Pastor Russell founded what has been called The Bible Student's Association. This movement had its beginning in Allegheny, Pa. and earnest Christians formed a Bible class for advanced Bible study to meet the then rising wave of infidelity.

Philipp Melanchthon (Schwartzerdt) (1497-1560) German reformer. Melanchthon was the chief architect of the Augsburg Confession (1530). Subsequently, however, he went to great lengths to unite the Reformed and Roman Catholic churches.

Preaching We each ought to be witnessing the Gospel to those we daily rub shoulders with in life: and more than this, we have an absolute responsibility to do it. Witness is a daily feature in the life of those who have known salvation. Our witness is an outcome of our desire to praise and worship the loving Father and Son who have been so gracious to us.
We can’t possibly just rejoice in our own salvation, that we have found the Lord and are secured in Him; if we have truly experienced this, we will wish to share it with others. + We're All Preachers: Motivations For Preaching

+ The Way of Preaching The experience of preaching leads to our growth. Paul Tournier in The Meaning Of Persons perceptively comments: “We become fully conscious only of what we are able to express to someone else. We may already have had a certain intuition about it, but it must remain vague so long as it is unformulated”.

Preaching In The Spirit We seek to understand how Christ could preach in his spirit. There is an undoubted theme throughout 1 Peter 3 and 4 of the opposition between the “flesh” (that which is external, the appearance of things) and the “spirit”, that which is internal, which is of God.
The spirit by which Jesus was quickened is paralleled with our spirit of living to God, a quiet spirit, a life of righteousness, of good conscience etc. His Spirit is to be our spirit- we are to be of the “same mind / spirit” with Him, sharing the mind which He had especially during His time of dying (1 Pet. 4:1).

Preaching Out of touch?Doug Pagitt bluntly told that “preaching is broken.”
“A sermon is often a violent act,” says Pagitt, a key figure among emerging leaders.
Preaching is often “too packaged and clean” to connect with our listeners, Carrasco says.
The church might discuss the lectionary reading talk-show style, watch a film clip, hear a sermon, or interview a community member.

Predestination And Buddhism Buddhists believe that human destiny is individually determined by our past personal actions, thoughts and words (karma) which act as causes of our future happiness and misery.
There are many sound Biblical reasons for rejecting this kind of philosophy.

Pre-existence Look at page 4-6 to find notes on Christ his existence or not before he was born.
The idea of Jesus’ pre-existence is principally linked with the doctrine of the Trinity dealt with above. However the "Jehovah's Witnesses", although denying the Trinity, believe that Jesus was a "pre-existent spirit", the first created work of God. All of these ideas presuppose that the "spirit" or "soul" of a man can exist separately from his body: that Jesus previously
existed as a "spirit being" in heaven, and was then "incarnate" in a body, firstly in the womb of Mary. Is there any Biblical justification for these ideas and what does the Bible say about the nature of the Son of God?
Jesus "pre-existed" only in the mind and purpose of God. He was in every
respect a true man, like us, yet equally the true Son of God.

The so-called "preexistence" of Jesus in John refers to his "existence" in the Plan of God.

Prince of Darkness Who could be the prince of darkness, master of evil. Is there a devil who was once a powerful arch-angel?

The Promise to Abraham There’s a connection between the promise in Eden and the promises to Abraham. Abraham was promised the very things which were lost in Eden.

proskuneo Worship of God Almighty or homage toward men?

Qur'an - Bible historical corroborationWe are told from the hadith that Abu Bakr was the first to collate the texts of the Qur'an into one codex soon after Muhammad's death. A look at different versions or variants.

Ramesses IIPharaoh of the oppression known in the Middle East by the hypocoristicon or nickname of Ss'.

Records of the dealing of the real God Synopsis of David Rohl's book "A Test of Time" by John Fulton.

Rethink the sermon - time to - Preaching is broken because the church has failed to take the cultural shifts of postmodernity seriously. In today’s culture people are increasingly distrustful of authority figures, especially preachers, with overarching explanations of how the world works.

Revelation - Bible is a progressive. The Bible is a progressive revelation. If you skip the first half of any good book and try to finish it; you will have a hard time understanding the characters, the plot, and the ending.

Satan is a Hebrew word, and transferred to the English Bible untranslated from the original tongue. Meaning the adversary, enemy, accuser.

Saul and The Amarna Tablets In 1887, 380 clay tablets were discovered in Egypt at a place called Tell el-Amarna and have come to be known as the Amarna tablets. These tablets were letters from foreign rulers, mainly of city-states but also of the more powerful northern kingdoms of present-day Syria, Turkey and Cyprus, as well as what was once Babylonia and Assyria. They were written to the Egyptian pharaoh of the day; this was Amenhotep IV who soon changed his name to the famous Akhenaten.

shachah = 74/170 bow down, bowed himself, did reverence, did obeisance. It is claimed by some that the fact that our Lord Jesus received worship without rebuke signifies that he is Yahweh.
About sacred service only to be given to one person: Jehovah/Yahweh. The word shachah occurs 170 times and only about one-half of this number refer to the worship of Yahweh.

The Snare Of The Devil About falling into temptation and a snare...into many foolish and hurtful lusts.
Men are caught by one thing or the other- the devil, or our preaching of Christ.

+ The Messenger Of Satan Thorn in the flesh

Sojourn The length of the sojourn of the Israelites in Egypt is now taken by many biblical scholars as around 215 years.

Solomon About the Solomonic period to the Late Bronze Age.

Sons of God and Daughters of Men It is thought that “the sons of God” are angels who, on being thrown out of heaven for their sin, came down to earth and married attractive women, resulting in them having very large children.

Spiritual Growth: The Way of the Cross, The Way of Personal Failure, The Way of Preaching, The Way of Biblical Study, The Way of Grace.

Is the Holy Spirit a Person? God’s spirit refers to His power, which reflects His “mind” in a very broad way.
The ‘trinity’ was fundamentally a pagan idea imported into Christianity - hence the word does not occur in the Bible.

The Spirit Of JesusThe Spirit of Jesus is so active. All power has been given to Him; He it is who opens the seals so that world history can progress (Rev. 6). The Lord Jesus is " the Lord the spirit" (2 Cor. 3:18 RV); and " the Spirit" is one of Jesus' titles in Revelation, so closely is He identified with the work of the Spirit.
The Lord Jesus is truly alive and active amongst us and within us. He is a real, living Master and Lord, and according to our realization of this, our grasping of the spirit of Jesus, so will our service be.

Taizé - Why would thousands of Europeans travel to this tiny village in southern France? The pilgrims are noticeably young and earnest, most in their teens or 20s, in jeans and T-shirts, some draped with backpacks.
Brother Roger, founder of the Taizé community, issues the challenge that defines Taizé: "Dare to pray, dare to sing, until Christ sings in you more than you imagine."

The Bible & The Doctrine of the 'Trinity' The word "Trinity" does not occur in Scripture, as reference to any Bible Dictionary or Concordance will show. Nor is there any statement in the Bible that unambiguously sets out the doctrine, as understood by the mainstream Christian churches.
There's been looked at the history and on what the Bible teaches.
The idea of Jesus’ pre-existence is principally linked with the doctrine of the Trinity. However the "Jehovah's Witnesses", although denying the Trinity, believe that Jesus was a "pre-existent spirit", the first created work of God. All of these ideas presuppose that the "spirit" or "soul" of a man can exist separately from his body: that Jesus previously existed as a "spirit being" in heaven, and was then "incarnate" in a body, firstly in the womb of Mary. Is there any Biblical justification for these ideas and what does the Bible say about the nature of the Son of God?

Violence from within We should not blame our nature for our moral failures in the way that orthodox Christians blame an external Devil. The Swiss psychiatrist Paul Tournier wrote an incisive and brilliant study, Violence et puissance- in English translation, The Violence Within. From wide experience of practising psychotherapy and investigating the causes of various neuroses, Tournier discerned that within each person there is a huge battle between the right and the wrong, good and evil, temptation and resistance to temptation. This battle goes on constantly.

What does it mean that the Bible is inspired? When people speak of the Bible as inspired, they are referring to the fact that God divinely influenced the human authors of the Scriptures in such a way that what they wrote was the very Word of God. In the context of the Scriptures, the word “inspiration” simply means “God-breathed.” Inspiration means the Bible truly is the Word of God and makes the Bible unique among all other books.
Because the Scriptures are the inspired Word of God, we can conclude that they are also inerrant and authoritative. A correct view of God will lead us to a correct view of His Word.

Why should we study the Old Testament? Without the OT, we would not understand the Jewish customs that are mentioned in passing in the NT. We would not understand the perversions the Pharisees had made to God's law as they added their traditions to it. We would not understand why Jesus was so upset as He cleansed the temple courtyard. We would not understand that we can make use of the same wisdom that Christ used in His many replies to His adversaries (both human and demonic).
Without the Old Testament we would miss out on numerous detailed prophecies that could only have come true if the Bible is God's word, not man's (see the major and minor prophets) (e.g., Daniel 7 and following chapters).
The OT also contains numerous lessons for us through the lives of its many fallible characters and vast quantities of wisdom that the New Testament does not share..

Without the OT, we would not understand the Jewish customs

Attitudes to Women in Post New Testament Times Women had not been accustomed to the kind of freedom they were to enjoy in the ecclesias of Paul’s day.
A look at the role of women at the early ages and under the monastic system. the attitude in the 13 th and 16 th century and post-reformation times.

Attitudes to Women in Christadelphian Writings Though in some places women can greet you at a Christadelphian hall, mostly it shall be men. Brothers are “on the door” to greet you and give you a warm welcome. They take it in turn to preside, speak, read the Bible publicly, and give the prayers. Brothers carry round the plate with the bread and the cup with the wine. The article goes into the reasons why sisters do not take part in prayer and exhortation in Christadelphian assemblies.

Though woman, by divine law is in subjection, she is not to be extinguished.
If the Scriptures appoint man as her head, they do not exclude her from partnership in all that concerns their mutual well-being. They show us women “labouring with Paul in the gospel” (Phillip iv. 3): as official servants of an ecclesia with business in hand, which the ecclesia was called upon to promote (Rom. xvi.1-3): exercising the prophetic gift (Acts xxi. 9); prominently ministering to Christ himself (Luke viii. 2-3): sometimes leaders in Israel, like Deborah (Judg. iv. 4).
When we look at writings of others within the Christadelphian community, we find that many have examined the issue and have supported fuller involvement for sisters.
Sisters continued to give talks throughout the 20th century. With reunion of the two fellowships (Suffolk Street and Temperance Hall) in 1957, there was some drawing back in order to pursue unity by uniformity.
Sisters have always played a smaller speaking part than brothers, as was also the case in the earliest ecclesias, and the vehemence with which their participation is attacked even today helps to uphold this situation. Nevertheless, it remains true that the interpretation that sisters should remain silent is not universal Christadelphian teaching or practice.

Word - John 1:1 There is no doubt that for the early Christians Jesus "had the value and reality of God." This, however, does not mean that they thought Jesus "was God."
It is a considerable mistake to read John 1:1 as though it means "In the beginning was the Son of God and the Son was with the Father and the Son was God."* This is not what John wrote. The German poet Goethe wrestled with a correction in translation: "In the beginning was the Word, the Thought, the Power or the Deed." He decided on "deed." He comes very close to John’s intention. What the evangelist wanted to say was: "The Creative Thought of God has been operating from all eternity."
Speaking of Jesus as the Son of God had a very different connotation in the first century from that which it has had ever since the Council of Nicea (325 AD). Talk of his pre-existence ought probably in most, perhaps in all, cases to be understood on the analogy of the pre-existence of the Torah, to indicate the eternal divine purpose being achieved through him, rather than pre-existence of a fully personal kind.
The so-called "pre-existence" of Jesus in John refers to his "existence" in the Plan of God.

Worship Due to Jesus How do we have to look at Jesus and do we have to worship him?

Zwingli, Ulrich (or Huldreich)(1484-1531) Swiss reformer. Ordained a priest in 1506, Zwingli was a devoted admirer of Erasmus.

Immortal rebel is an impossibility

Islam instignator of mass murderer

Founder of the Jehovah Witnesses

Man and his soul

Christ's Culture Or Ours: Preaching Christ to all cultures- Br Leon Shuker

distinction between the ethnic group and the ‘objective’, perceivable culture

Does the Bible or the Qur'an have stronger historical corroboration?

Bringing Good News into the world

God?s Will for Us - Gods Wil voor ons

Jehovah Yahweh Gods Name

Lord or Yahuwah, Yeshua or Yahushua

Manifested to us

Mary, who was she & what was her role


Middle Bronze Age

Moses and The Israelites

Never man spake like this man'- Bre Peter Elkington and Mike Floyd

New Chronology

Old Testament is a mirror

Omniscience to the evil 

On religion and science

OT - Without we would not understand the Jewish customs

Pastor Russell is not the founder of JW

Patience and “longsuffering”of God

Philipp Melanchthon (Schwartzerdt)  (1497-1560)

Praise the God with His Name

Preaching Christ to all age groups 

Preaching Christ to all cultures- Br Leon Shuker

Preaching Christ to all languages- Sis. Jean Field

Preaching Out of touch?

Prince of Darkness

Lots of problems sawed by ourselves

Whether or not punishment from God

Qur'an - Bible historical corroboration

Is the Qur'an the word of God

Qur'anic interpretation

Records of the dealing of the real God

Religion, fundamentalism and murder

Rethink the sermon - time to

Revelation - Bible is a progressive

Joseph Rutherford with the iron glove

Samen werken aan een Open Gemeenschap

Satan = Hebrew word

Saul and The Amarna Tablets

Second Century Orthodoxy

shachah = 74/170  bow down, bowed himself, did reverence, did obeisance

Spelling Yahshuah (יהשע) vs Hebrew using Yehoshuah (יהושע)

The Spiritual Mind and Stress

Suffering - The question of

Suffering coming over us

Taizé - Why would thousands of Europeans travel to this tiny village in southern France

The Bible & The Doctrine of the 'Trinity'

The Challenge of Bible Teachings

The Danger of Cults

The Inn-keeper & the Samaritan

Time to start a new church

Always tell the truth

Unless you repent, you too will all perish

Violence Within


Waiting and hoping for something better

Waiting for the End of Terrorism

Waiting for the End of Terrorism 2

Was made flesh

Was with God

Water of life - Lord, Redeemer, Leader, Teacher embodiment represent – Satisfying

Way of Life

we are "always" to act justly

We can approach God's word with a will to obey

we cannot serve God and mammon

We Did Not Listen. Therefore, Has This Trouble Come

We do not have to make our decisions without God's counsel

We have feasted on the bounties of divine favor

We simply need to be faithful

Were Pagans "Christianized" or was Christianity Paganized

What About John 1:1

What does God look like

What does it mean that the Bible is inspired?

What does the Lord require of you?

What God does

What must I do to inherit eternal life?

What we are to believe concerning God and the duty God expects of humankind

Whatever You Say Doing God’s Will

Wisdom in Proverbs


Word dwelt amongst us

Word was God

Word was made flesh

Worship Due to Jesus

On the lookout for people who try to foster wrong ideas

1 Corinthians 11-14

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affliction in their earthly life

Be not afraid of the terror of nature or the terror of our surroundings 

Ask questions – lots of questions 

Answer can be found in the Word - "solutions" to our problems 

human life - Murder is the unauthorized and intentional taking of a 

Humanity in a state of alienation 

If you don't believe in God, besides being an atheist, you will be very lonely

In Search of Christian Freedom

In Search of Heaven

Increasing rejection of the teaching of Christ

Invest in today

Judaism vs Christianity - similarities 

occult - Teenagers and fascination with the 

overcome the world, and to fight a good fight against sin and selfishness, the world, the Adversary, and our own flesh

pagan celebrations  

Religion in the UK 2005-2006 

Religion's death 

Religious intolerance is not confined to dark corners of the world like Iran

Religious Practices around the world

Ten Commandements 

are there grounds for divorce 

Are you awake 

Are you awake + 

Atheists are people who don't believe in God 

Baby Boomer generation & subsequent adult generation Baby Buster 

be prepared - Do not be anxious about tomorrow, but 

Man in our likeness 

 man’s faith must be manifested in righteous works

Making Choices

all things are of God given unto us the ministry of reconciliation

All your deeds done in love 

Being content and avoiding "the love of money"

Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly 

Bitterness  hurts no one but the person who hangs on to it 

By reason of the multitude of oppressions they cry out

Catholic and Catholicism 

Child abuse, what youth pastors should know 

Choosing your associates wisely 

Christian hospitality

Christian politics.There is no such thing as

Christian Worldview 

Christianity is either degenerating into a pathetic version of itself or, more significantly, Christianity is actively being colonized and displaced by a quite different religious faith

Christians are confused about their beliefs

Christs teaching was never fashionable 

church is literally invaded with the world's values, the world's interests, and the world's citizens 

Church no longer holds a central place in many Christian lives 

Come out of the world the Earthly Matters 

Commercial pressure to treat every day of the week equally 

Compassion versus mercy 

Compromise Danger of 

conditions possible to man -  Four different states or 

Conflicts at work or in church 

Confront power 

confrontation - motivation for 

confrontation Tricky 

Confused Christians 

confusions and quietus 

Conservatism of human nature - female roles 

Constantine the Great - Division of the Church 

Council of Nicaea I 

creation Denying the Story of 

cultivate our Christianity

Danger of Compromise

Deeds done in love

Defense of the New World Translation

denominations - different churches and

Devil figures almost more prominently than God

Disappointed expectations confront us all

Discrimination of religions

diverging roads where we must make a choice

Division in the church & Constantine the Great

divorce - are there grounds for

Do not be anxious about tomorrow, but be prepared 

Do You Want An Answer

Don't let anyone make you feel that you must join their group

drawing men from alienation to glorification

Dread danger, we dread sickness, we dread death, we dread the eternal world

duty to meet together with others who share our hope

fallout of this preoccupation with the unbelievers is a corresponding neglect of true believers and their spiritual needs

Focus on Denying the Flesh

Freedom which is given to us to come to Christ

Gathering to chat about subjects wich could be related to the Bible

God, Religion ... Whatever -- Are Our Churchgoing Youth Falling Away from the Faith 

Good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people

gospel message is a confrontational message 

Great Awakening + Puritan English dissenting strand 

Hanging on to religion

Happiness - Nine Ingredients for

How the Doctrine of the Trinity came to the Church

hunting or fishing - is it allowed by God

In Moments of Terror

Inability to be angry

information our Creator wanted us to have

insignificance in the overall purpose of God - failure to recognize our own actual

intervening with tough love when it would be easier to let things slide

Jesus historically

joy is a foretaste of the blessings to come

judge our love for others - Let us

Judgment - find our


Katholikos from katholou

Keeping pleasure in their place

kill? - Thou shalt not

Killing opposite murder 

Kindness to animals

Labelling of Protestant groups as 'sects'

Last day of the Year

least-likelies, the never-wanna-be's, and the who-me's?

legalisms - Put away hair-splitting

Let all your deeds be done in love

Let our seed be sown in good soil, so that we really can hear the right message and understand the Words of God

Let the peace of God rule in your hearts.—Colossians 3:15

Let us gird up the loins of our minds and be sober-minded

Living by faith, the abundant mercy and love of God are our daily portion

Living offering is the way of the wheat grain death

logs in our own eyes 

looking for people to be part of the plan

Lots of people are in a position they feel secure

Love - Deeds be done in

Papal Encyclical Explores Divine, Human Love 

True love

Love Enduring

Love, and power operate in full harmony

love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith - fruit of the Spirit 

Loving one another 

Gathering His loyal and faithful children

Made Alive with Christ

made an adversary to be His cunning foe 

Making Choices 

Making Christianity more palatable to a wider audience  

Male And Female Roles In Christ 

male chauvinism/feminism  

Man in our likeness 

man’s faith must be manifested in righteous works

Marcion, that shipmaster of Pontus


Martyrdom of Polycarp 

Maximizing Resources - Training People to Teach #6

meaning of Holiness is hagios the NT equivalent of qõdes

mediator - biblical role of a

Mediator between God and mankind 

Mediatorial role of the Lord Jesus 

Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion (IMPALEMENT) of Jesus Christ 

Megiddo Christadelphian offshoot 

Megiddo Mission 

membership important? - Is

membership in the church - Baptized by immersion to Gain

Membership will be granted to anyone who offers a biblical testimony of salvation 

Memorial Emblems 

Mentoring Skills - Training People to Teach # 4

merit - reservoir of

Mexico - 7,000 years of religious ritual traced in 

Middle East violence 

Millennial kingdom  - under the favorable conditions

millennial kingdom, the times of restitution 

Millions of Christians leaving conventional churches to meet in homes

Mindful of the true and great blessing with which we have been blessed 

Miraculous Preservation of Bible 

Mobile Phones in Africa 

Moral standards do exist

Moses and the Lord Jesus, the two great mediators 

Most influential personality on churches today 

mother into the care of John 

motivation for confrontation 

Murder is the unauthorized and intentional taking of a human life

mysteries of Babylon 

Nailing the feet 

Nailing the hands 

name is to be known even by his adversaries 

Narnia the Film 

Nativity Story 

Nativity Story Film 

Nebuchadnessar's Statue 

Need to trust Jesus Christ

neo-Platonic trinities 

never be able to equal Jesus 

never be slack in respect to the will 

New way of 'doing church' emerges, with some controversy 

Nice shot 

Nicene Christianity 

Nine Ingredients for Happiness 


No prescribed day—or way for Holiday Observance

Non-Trinitarians shall be a small group

Not as pleasing men, but God, which trieth our hearts

not mortal, not immortal 

notice our successes or our gains now 

obey a different commanding officer - cannot

Offended & Hate 

Old Testament trail that led to Jesus of Nazareth

Once God embraces us in love, are there grounds for divorce

Once Saved, Always Saved is Wrong 

Once we get a glimpse of the glories of the divine character through the divine

One Mediator between God and man 

One religion 

One World One Promise

only one person to whom we have to give the full authority

Ordinary God - Evangelical and the

ordinary to do the extraordinary - God has always picked the

Orumiyeh (Rezaiyeh, 1926-1980) which they concluded, was the home of Adam and Eve

Our constant Companion, our Best Friend, our Big Brother

Outpouring to God of a burdened heart 

Outworking of the faith 

overcome the world, and to fight a good fight against sin and selfishness, the world, the Adversary, and our own flesh

Overcoming our strengths may be the difference 

Overcoming sin 

Papacy  - power of the

Papal Encyclical Explores Divine, Human Love 

Paradise? Eternal Life? Are these the same? 

Paranormal beliefs, religious beliefs and personality correlates 

Parasitic Faith 

pardon or carry resentment 

Parents of Christ 

Partial Dictionary Hebrew Words 

partisans - Jesus among the  

patience with all things - Have

Paul and Christ 

Pay our vows of full consecration, unto the most High

peace - have deep and abiding

peace from strifes that destroy many - Reading, prayer, and kind deeds will bring you

peace fulfilled in us - resting in the Lord’s promises

Peace on Earth - The Birth the Promised True

peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ 

peace, or rest, is the special blessing of the Holy Spirit

peaceful harmony be multiplied to all of you

People cry out because of the excess of oppression

People don't hunt out "loopholes" when they are seeking to love God and neighbour

people go places like its nothing 

Persian New Year's festival at a public park in Orange County disturbed

Piercing Christ’s Side 

Pilate's verdict Jesus & the crucifixion 

Pilgrim's Progress - Puritan preacher John Bunyan publishes

plan - looking for people to be part of the - looking for

 people to be part of the

Planfor Israel - Key to World Peace #1 

plant or an animal dies 

Polycarp - Martyrdom of 

Pope John Paul II: Voice of conscience for world, modern-day apostle 

positive decision in respect to life 

possessed me in the beginning 

Power - Faith and the Confrontation of 

Power misused 

power of man = the Will 

Power of the papacy 

Practising righteousness 

pragmatic church-growth trend 

Preceding marks of the coming of Jesus 

present your body-members as slaves to that righteousness resulting in holiness

pre-wrath Rapture 


Proceed with studious care from day to day to pay our vows of full consecration, unto the most High

Promise to Eve 

Promises centered in Him 

Protestant Icon Image of Christ 

Punishement - Eternal 

Put away hair-splitting legalisms

Raise from the dead every human being who has ever lived

Raised from the dead 


Reading, prayer, and kind deeds will bring you peace from strifes that destroy many

Real followers of Christ shall only be with a few

Reformation = series of changes in Western Christendom between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries

Reformers - not repudiate name of Catholic

Reformers and their texts -Sixteenth-century European

Refuge - find the Lord's way to be a

Refuge - Lord's way to be a

refuge in the day of my trouble 

Rejectors of the The Holly Gospel of The Kingdom of God 

Rejoicing in the hope set out for you in the Bible 

Releasing God's Presence in Prayer  - Forgiveness -

Religion - One Faith 

Religion Helps Me Feel Happy 

Repentance - Godly Man’s 

responsibility when that leaves you feeling u

settled and ill equipped

resting in the Lord’s promises 

resting in the Lord's promises, in his strength and in his ability to make good his promises

restored Garden of Eden 

Restorer of a new earth the Paradise 

resurrection of Christ was the life resurrection

resurrection of their bodies when they die - Americans don't believe they will experience

Resurrection really necessary 

Revealed Truth 

reward of faith 

righteousness -Practising

Rise of Evangelism 

Rite of Spring 

Ritual of Caring for Their Dead 

Roman empire & Catholicism 

Rosie O’Donnell Stirs Christians’ Emotions

running a marathon 

Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but my ears you have pierced 

Sacrifice of thanksgiving 


Salvation - principles 

salvation (soteria) “deliverance and preservation” “wholeness” or “health.”

deliverance and preservation 

Salvation by adoption Salvation is future in two ways

Salvation by adoption 2

Sanctifying of the Lord God in our hearts 

Satan was asking him to violate his covenant 

Satisfying water of life - Lord, Redeemer, Leader, Teacher embodiment represent

Saved - those who call upon the name of Jehovah 

Scriptures That Show That Jesus (Yahshua) Is Not Yahweh (Jehovah) 

Season filled with hope and joy 

secure because they take no parts - Lots of people are in a position they feel

seed (born again) birthing by incorruptible seed 

seek for guidance from him in respect to every matter

seeker-focused churches baptize the masses with their watered-down gospel

Seekers are more skeptical now 

Sensitive female, with a sense for the value of persons - being a

Shall we not render unto him 

similarities between apostate Judaism and apostate Christianity 

sin - Overcoming 

Sin Pide = the first 

sincere reason to react 

Sing for joy 

single person seated on a throne 

Sir Thomas More to be beheaded

Sixteenth-century European Reformers and their texts

slave - Faithful and discreet 

Small group - Non-Trinitarians shall be

sober-minded - LET us gird up the loins of our minds and be

Sohail en Parvane 

Sola Scriptura and its Pitfalls 

Solutions to our problems 

Some Important Differences 

Somewhere in the world an open home 

Songs of the night 

Sorrow of the world’s opposition 

sought a way back from the hopelessness of his situation

South African Christadelphians & Filadephians 

speaking thoughtlessly - To Disagree

Spirit Fruit and

spirit persons each of whom looked like a man

Spiritual Benefits of Fasting 

spiritual lepers 

spiritual outlook on life- Developing a

Spiritual satisfaction in figures

St Ignatius of Antioch 

standing at the side, not reacting on their lifestyle or reacting wrongly

Starting an Ecclesia in Belgium 

State of the Union Address 2006 President Bush "Freedom for all"

state or condition of the dead  

states or conditions possible to man - Four different

stau·ros = torture stake", "impale" ==> to fasten on a stake, or pole

Stoicism - Marcion & Tertullian 

striving to perfect holiness in the fear of the Lord

Strong enough - believe that God is 

Success Lies - Self-Centered vs. God-Centered

success of Abraham - The failures and

Suffering on the stake 

Sutcliffe, Rob J.Hyndman, Leanne Hyndman and Ruth Morgan wrote a book covering basic Cd doctrines 

Symbol or sacrament - baptism 

tabernacle of God will be with men

Tabriz - background on

tackle the task of working on the doctrine, dignity, soundness of speech; showing good faith, denying ungodliness and worldly desires; living sensibly, righteously, and godly 

take on such a good attitude that people can see the special thing about us

Taking a stand for Him is our duty

Taking care of your body and shunning bad habits

Teaching of Christ was never fashionable

Teachings - The Law of 

Teenagers and fascination with the occult

Terrorism - Waiting for the End of

Terrorism - Waiting for the End of 

Terrorism - What is

Terrorism and the Christian 

Terrorism and the Christian 2


Testimonies to the effect that the severe trials of the near future will be alo

Testimony of Bible Writers

testing of all his creatures as free moral beings is a principle with our Heavenly Father

Tetragrammaton appears 6,972 times

thankful and counting your blessing- Being

Thanking God for the fleas

The Bible claims to be God’s message

The Bible do you know it

The Bible in English

The Body and the Blood #3

The Da Vinci Code vs. Resurrection of the Dead

The Devil—who or what is it?

The failures and success of Abraham

The Gospel: Faithful, Not Crazy

The great Day of their wrath

The increasing rejection of the teaching of Christ

The Inn-keeper

The least-likelies

The Light of our lives, our Peace, our Joy, and our Mentor in the art of faith

The Passion - Rabbi

The Passion - Something to be Passionate About

The Presence of God

Shroud of Turin

The True Passover Lamb

The Voice effort to recapture the story of the Bible

The Voice effort to recapture the story of the Bible

The way of the wheat grain

The way of the wheat grain! & Oneness of this love

therapeutic effects of religion

There is no such thing as a "Christian politics."

There is only one person to whom we have to give the full authority

This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing.—Isaiah 28:12

Those who will reject the The Holly Gospel of The Kingdom of God

Thou shalt call His name JESUS

Thou shalt not kill?

Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God

to carry it as it is, to allow it to be what it already is

To Disagree

to do your will, God

To exercise blind-faith you must expel your honesty

To go to him regularly in prayer and to seek for guidance from him in respect to every matter

To grow strong in the Lord and in the power of his might we must feed upon him daily

To inherit eternal life?

To will right is always possible to us

Torn apart by wars of every description

Touched by the Christ, the son of God

Tracts Make Evangelism "Doable"

Training People to Teach

Training People to Teach # 2 Causing to Learn

Training People to Teach # 3 Building a Database

Training People to Teach # 4 Mentoring Skills

Training People to Teach # 5 Igniting Passion

Training People to Teach #6 Maximizing Resources

Translations often differ considerably from the KJV - modern

Tricky confrontation


Trinity #1 Clear, Undisputed Evidence for

Trinity #2 if the trinity were true - Clear Evidence for

Trinity and Pre-Christian Influence

Trinity Doctrine #3 No Three described in Scriptures - Clear, Undisputed Proof of the

Trinity Doctrine #4 One person only having a Name

Trinity Doctrine Father & Son

Trinity factor according to Paul and his successor

Trinity function

Trinity requires taking a few of the most metaphorical, figurative, symbolic and just plain difficult passages

Trinity Summary

Trinity versus Tritheism

true fellowship

true love - This is

Trust in His Providential aid

Trust in the Lord

trust their own sense of direction

Truth Or Tradition - 23 Arguments for the Historical Validity of the Resurrection

Two or three together

Tyrants foe & the Peoples Friend

Understanding God’s Word

Unfair Contest

united in the same mind and in the same line of thought - Jehovah's servants are commanded to be "fitly

Unity and Hope of Life

Unity of Bible Teachings

use of Jehovah / Yahweh in Bible Translations

User Friendly _ What's Wrong with

value of positive decision in respect to life

Vine and the branches

Vinegar - last drink of

Violence of Love

Voice of God calling unto us

Wait on the Lord; be of good courage

we come before You In humility of heart

We Shall Be Like Him

What happened to Christ His body

What's right with Islam

Whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven

When are you a Christadelphian

When I Say "I Am A Christian"

When on the stake, Jesus cried: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Did he lack faith, believing that God had deserted him

Where Is Hell

Where is YHWH in Isaiah 57

Whereve the story of God’s redeeming love has gone

Whether Jesus existed or not

whether those men are called brethren or not

Which King James Bible?

Who is Jesus Christ?

Who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead

Who shall be saved

Who shall separate us from the love of God in Christ?

Who will judge all men and women of all time

Whom should I fear

Whose Bible Is It

Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst


Why Believe the Bible? External Evidence > Megiddo - The Bible

Why did God make the universe

Why did Jesus have to die

Why most Bible Prophecies never seem to pass

Why the trinity was accepted in Europe

Why, when Jesus was on the cross, he was given his mother into the care of John


Wise men, or Magi, led by a star

Woman Speakers

Women are under much pressure to adapt to a man's world

Women caught between wanting to be good mothers and wishing to develop themselves personally by pursuing a career

Women caught between wanting to be good mothers devoted to their children, and yet wishing to develop themselves personally by pursuing a career 1

women could lead a prayer, reveal words from God, and teach

Women who first grasped the resurrection

Word becoming flesh

Word of God is the bringing to existing of the thoughts

Word, the Tyrants foe & the Peoples Friend

Words of encouragement for those who are depressed

Working for God

World of Encouragement

Would the Almighty change his plans in answer to our petitions

WWW themes 2005

Wycliffe Bible Translators taken Scripture to over 820 indigenous languages

Wycliffe Mission

Yahshua Is Not Yahweh (Jehovah) - Scriptures That Show That Jesus

Yahweh in Bible Translations - Gebruik / use of Jehovah of

You are so blessed

you can’t get back to God by yourself

you dont have the spirit, so god has closed your eyes

Your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you.—John 16:22

Your Toughts

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