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God has sent His son

Our God sent His one and only Son (Yeshua / Jesus which means "God 's Salvation"- Christ means "Anointed or Messiah - Promised One") to actively rescue, redeem, save us. Our God did not sit back and wait for us to try to make a way to Him (which is impossible), He got involved and He made a way with the perfect life and voluntary death of His Son.

In Jesus Christ from Nazareth we do find the promised Messiah, the Saviour.

God's promises

New covenant

Rapture exposed

Gathering with Jesus

Admittance with Christ

Rapture meaning

Raptured in clouds

What Jesus Did - Misleading around the Messiah and the final assessment

Rebirth and belonging to a church

Only the contrite self, sick of its pretensions, can find salvation

Faithful to the leastening ear

Called ones escape

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