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1. Is faith by itself enough to secure for us the benefit of the work of Christ?

  • Answer:No: there must be obedience, or "works" also.
  • HEB 11:1, ROM 10:17, ROM 4:20, ROM 4:3, ROM 3:9 [1]

2. What is it that we are invited to believe or place confidence in before our baptism?

  • Answer: In the gospel.
  • MAR 16:16, ROM 1:16, 1CO 1:21 [2]

3. What is the gospel?

  • Answer: The word "gospel" means good news or glad tidings; and the glad tidings announced by Christ and the Apostles are the things concerning the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ.
  • LUK 8:1, LUK 4:43, ACT 8:12, ACT 20:25, ACT 28:30 [3]

[1] “But, “faith” is hoping for something, [hoping for] the reality of things without visible proof.” (Heb 11:1 MHM)

 “Therefore, conviction comes from hearing, but hearing by means of Christ’s Sayings.” (Ro 10:17 MHM)

 “But, he believed in the promise of The God, not doubting in disbelief” (Ro 4:20 MHM)

 “For what does the Scripture say? “Abraham had deep conviction in The God and it was credited to him unto righteousness.”” (Ro 4:3 MHM)

 “What, then? Are we [Jews] better off? Not at all! For above we have made the charge that both Jews and Greeks are all under [the condemnation of] sin.” (Ro 3:9 MHM)

[2] “The person who believes and is immersed will be saved, but the one not believing will be condemned.” (Mr 16:16 MHM)

 “For I am not ashamed of the good news because it is God’s power resulting in salvation to everyone who believes–to a Jew first and but also to a Greek.” (Ro 1:16 MHM)

 “So because the world of humanity in all its wisdom never knew The God, The God thought it well to save those believing through this foolish preaching [of ours].” (1Co 1:21 MHM)

[3] “Now it occurred later Jesus was traveling with his twelve apostles through every town and village, preaching and declaring as Good News the Kingdom of The God.” (Lu 8:1 MHM)

 “Because of this Jesus told them: “It is necessary that I must also preach to other towns about the kingdom of The God, for this is the reason I was sent.”” (Lu 4:43 MHM)

 “However, when they believed what Philip was preaching about God’s Kingdom and the name of Jesus Christ, both men and women were baptized.” (Ac 8:12 MHM)

 ““And now, look! I realize that all of you among whom I went preaching the Kingdom will never see me again.” (Ac 20:25 MHM)

 “Now for two years Paul remained under house arrest in his own rented room, receiving all who came to him,” (Ac 28:30 MHM)

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