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Biblepower to change 

Bible Word of God, inspired and infallible 

Choices to make in suffering 

Content with the “no” answer 

Crucifixion for suffering 

Destination of Righteous 

Destination of the earth 

Disappointed with God 


Full authority belongs to God 

God His reward 

Gods instruction about joy and suffering 

God’s measure not our measure 

God’s non answer 

One Mediator 

Ressurection of Jesus Christ 


God’s promises to us in our suffering 

Guide to Christadelphian Ecclesias 

Importuning for suffering hearts 

Incomplete without the mind of God 

I Serve 

Is God hiding His face when He is seemingly silent? 

Jesus’ answers about God 

Pre-existence of Christ Jesus

John Thomas 

Learning from suffering 

Memories are important 

Miracles in our time of suffering 

Mission Son of God perceived as failure 

Offer in our suffering 

Sabbath according to the Scriptures 

Sects, Why so many 


When there Seems no future in suffering 

Words from God about suffering 








Free Will And Predestination 





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The Belgian Christadelphians, Brothers or Brethren in Christ from Belgium, extends a friendly welcome to you! We hope you will enjoy browsing the contents of this site and related links. We sincerely hope that it shall not stay with this one visit. But we hope that you shall visit us more often and that you shall dare to take contact with us in the near future.

This site is maintained by Christians whose aim is to spread the Gospel of Christ, who is the corner-stone of the Church. Because God and Jesus are in heaven our Headquarters is in Heaven and not here on earth. We have no creed but the Bible. Our leader is Jesus the Christ, the only begotten Son of God. His Father, also Our Father, is the Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth. Our Hope, based on the Holy Scriptures, is Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God. Since our Headquarters is in Heaven and the Bible Teaches that each Congregation is Autonomous, this is not the Internet Headquarters for the Church of Christ, but only Christians doing their best to get the WORD out.

Enjoy your time with us,

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Ampe


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My Faith

Guide to Christadelphian Ecclesias 

History of the Christadelphians


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