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Jesus Christ the Messiah for all

Jesus is the Messiah, Son of God, our Saviour. King Jesus is Living Water, Bread of life, the Way, the Cornerstone. He is our example, prophet and priest.

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Jesus Christ the Messiah


> Knowing Jesus Rabboni

> Reasons that Jesus is Not God

> Mission Son of God perceived as failure

> Seeing Jesus

> Jesus’ answers about God’s silence

> Resurection of Jesus Christ

Articles which may help you to get to know and understand Jesus better

1. To create a great journey

2. Colour-blindness and road code

3. Background to look at things

4. Challenging claim 1 Whose word

5. God, the Father, the Sole Creator of Heaven and Earth

6. El Shaddai Who appeared unto Abraham

7. Necessary to be known all over the earth

8. Necessity of a revelation of creation 3 Getting understanding by Word of God 1

9. Necessity of a revelation of creation 10 Instructions for insight and wisdom

10. Necessity of a revelation of creation 12 Words assembled for wisdom and instruction

11. Miracles of revelation and of providence 1 Golden Thread and Revelation

12. Inspired Word

13. the Bible – God’s guide for life #1 Introduction

14. the Bible – God’s guide for life #2 Needs in life

15. the Bible – God’s guide for life #3 Fast food or staple diet

16. the Bible – God’s guide for life #4 Not to get the best from our diet– or from ourselves

17. the Bible – God’s guide for life #5 What is God like

18. the Bible – God’s guide for life #6 Case example – King Josiah #1

19. the Bible – God’s guide for life #7 Case example – King Josiah #2 Lessons from Josiah’s experience

20. the Bible – God’s guide for life #8 Looking to Jesus #1 Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus

21. the Bible – God’s guide for life #9 Gospels not only place to find ‘the mind which was in Christ’

22. Looking for a primary cause and a goal that can not offer philosophers existing beliefs

23. Finding and Understanding Words and Meanings

24. Did the Inspirator exist

25. The Bible and names in it

26. Hashem השם, Hebrew for "the Name"

27. God about His name “יהוה“

28. Sayings around God

29. A God between many gods

30. Jesus’ answers about our Creator

31. Lord in place of the divine name

32. Lord and owner

33. Lord or Yahuwah, Yeshua or Yahushua

34. Yahushua, Yehoshua, Yeshua, Jehoshua of Jeshua

35. El-Shaddai God Almighty Who no-one may see and live

36. I am that I am Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh אהיה אשר אהיה

37. God about His name “יהוה“

38. יהוה , YHWH and Love: Four-letter words

39. Words God speaks unto all and the Spirit that quickens

40. Scripture words written for our learning, given by inspiration of God for edification

41. The true light in recorded words

42. Bible in the first place #1/3

43. Bible in the first place #2/3

44. Creator and Blogger God 2 Image and likeness

45. Creator and Blogger God 7 A Blog of a Book 1 Believing the Blogger

46. Missional hermeneutics 1/5

47. Missional hermeneutics 3/5

48. Missional hermeneutics 4/5

49. Creator and Blogger God 11 Old and New Blog 1 Aimed at one man

50. Missional hermeneutics 5/5

51. Using the name Jehovah but not a witness of that name

52. People Seeking for God 5 Bread of life

53. People Seeking for God 7 The Lord and lords

54. A god who gave his people commandments and laws he knew they never could keep to it

55. How the Coctrine of the Trinity came to the Church or How the Doctrine of the Trinity came to the Church

56. How did the Trinity Doctrine Develop

57. Altered to fit a Trinity or Ishtar the fertility goddess

58. History of the acceptance of a three-in-one God

59. Historical Development of Trinity

60. Summary on trinity

61. Trinity function

62. Trinity versus Tritheism

63. Why the trinity was accepted in Europe

64. The Trinity – the truth

65. Christianity without the Trinity

66. Preexistence in the Divine purpose and Trinity

67. For those who have not the rudiments of an historical sense

68. How do trinitarians equate divine nature

69. The radiance of God’s glory and the counsellor

70. 2 Corinthians 5:19 – God in Christ

71. God son king and his subjects

72. Is the Trinity a Biblical Doctrine? + What is the Trinity? + The Father is the Only True God > Restoration Light

73. Pre-existence of Christ #1 Intro #1 Athanasian Creed

74. Forbidden Fruit in the Midst of the Garden 1

75. Forbidden Fruit in the Midst of the Garden 2

76. Forbidden Fruit in the Midst of the Garden 3

77. Forbidden Fruit in the Midst of the Garden 4

79. Who is Jesus #1 Introduction

80. Who is Jesus Christ? #1 What does the Bible say the only man who is called “the Last Adam” , the only man who was ever born of a virgin

81. Who is Jesus #2 Jesus Christ, man who died

82. Who is Jesus #4 Clear statements that our heavenly Father is his “God”

83. Who is Jesus #6 Jesus prays to God

84. Who is Jesus #8 Father greater than Jesus

85. Who is Jesus #9 100% or not

86. Who is Jesus #12 Conclusion

87. Jesus begotten Son of God #3 Messiah or Anointed one

88. Jesus begotten Son of God #17 Adam, Eve, Mary and Christianity’s central figure

89. Jesus begotten Son of God #18 Believing in inhuman or human person

90. Jesus begotten Son of God #19 Compromising fact

91. Da Vinci Code: Was Jesus Human or Divine?

92. Around pre-existence of Christ

93. Pre-existence of Christ

94. Preexistence in the Divine purpose and Trinity

95. The Beginning of the life of Jesus Christ

96. Christ begotten through the power of the Holy Spirit

97. Da Vinci Code: Was Jesus Human or Divine?

98. Jesus as fully human

99. The Advent of the saviour to Roman oppression

100. Objects around the birth and death of Jesus

101. Christmas customs – Are They Christian?

102. Jesus begotten Son of God #1 Christmas and Christians

103. Jesus begotten Son of God #2 Christmas and pagan rites

104. The nativity story

105. Christmas, Saturnalia and the birth of Jesus

106. Christmas customs – Are They Christian?

107. Speedy Christmas!

108. Christmas trees

109. Merry Christmas with the King of Kings

110. What do you want for Christmas

111. Ember and light the ransomed of Jehovah

112. Sancta Claus is not God

113. Wishing lanterns and Christmas

114. Jesus spitting image of his father

115. Reasons that Jesus was not God

116. No man see the Almighty God and live

117. Jesus and his God

118. Seeing Jesus

119. A dark skinned Jesus

120. Childhood home of Jesus

121. The place where Jesus was brought up

122. Jesus son of God Six simple words. However, they are much more than simple words

123. Christian thought: acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God

124. “Son of God” – “God the Son”

125. Believing what Jesus says

126. Believing in the send one and understanding that one does not live by bread alone

127. Authority given to him To give eternal life

128. Doing the works of God

129. The Son can do nothing of his own accord

130. Have you also been deceived

131. John 4 according to the Scriptures

132. John 4 exhortation: The one that broke the mould

133. What Jesus sang

134. Sayings of Jesus, what to believe and being or not of the devil

135. The Mountain: Radical Love

136. About a human being or not and life

137. Why we do not keep to a Sabbath or a Sunday or Lord’s Day #4 Jesus and the Sabbath day

138. Creation of the earth and man #2 Evil Angels and moments of creation

139. Creation of the earth and man #4 Of the Sabbath day #2 Days 1,7,8 and 50

140. Creation of the earth and man #8 Of the Sabbath day #6 If it be necessary to keep Sunday

141. The meek one riding on an ass

142. Entrance of a king to question our position #2 Who do we want to see and to be

143. Not my will, but thine be done

144. Servant of his Father

145. Living in the Wilderness

146. Commemorating the escape from slavery

147. The seven last sayings of Christ discussed in the new edition of the Christadelphian

148. How is it that Christ pleased God so perfectly?

149. This month’s survey question: Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?

150. Seven days of Passover

151. On the first day for matzah

152. A Great Gift commemorated

153. Jesus memorial

154. Observance of a day to Remember

155. A new exodus and offering of a Lamb

156. In what way were sacrifices “shadows”?

157. What does ‘atonement’ mean?

158. Why did Jesus say he wouldn’t drink wine again until the kingdom when he ate and drank other things? (Mark 14:25)

159. Children ate the OT passover so why not NT bread and wine?

160. Deliverance and establishement of a theocracy

161. 14 Nisan a day to remember #1 Inception

162. 14 Nisan a day to remember #2 Time of Jesus

163. 14 Nisan a day to remember #3 Before the Passover-feast

164. 14 Nisan a day to remember #4 A Lamb slain

165. 14 Nisan a day to remember #5 The Day to celebrate

166. Around the feast of Unleavened Bread

167. The son of David and the first day of the feast of unleavened bread

168. High Holidays not only for Israel

169. Festival of Freedom and persecutions

170. 14-15 Nisan and Easter

171. The Song of The Lamb #7 Revelation 15Death of Christ on the day of preparation

172. The day Jesus died

173. Servant of his Father

174. Slave for people and God

175. For the Will of Him who is greater than Jesus

176. A Messiah to die

177. Anointing of Christ as Prophetic Rehearsal of the Burial rites

178. Death of Christ on the day of preparation

179. How many souls did the death of Jesus pay for?

180. Swedish theologian finds historical proof Jesus did not die on a cross

181. Why 20 Nations Are Defending the Crucifix in Europe

182. Impaled until death overtook him

183. Misleading Pictures

184. A time for everything

185. In the death of Christ, the son of God, is glorification

186. The redemption of man by Christ Jesus

187. Ransom for all

188. The wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ

189. The Immeasurable Grace bestowed on humanity

190. Deliverance and establishment of a theocracy

191. Through Christ’s death you can be adopted as a child of God

192. Ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:26

193. We Are The Children Of God

194. Jesus three days in hell

195. Scientist Claims He’s Discovered The “Lost Tomb” Of Jesus Christ

196. Christ has indeed been raised from the dead

197. Resurrection of Jesus Christ

198. Eostre, Easter, White god, chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies and metaphorical resurrection

199. Easter: Origins in a pagan Christ

200. Peter Cottontail and a Bunny laying Eastereggs

201. Ember and light the ransomed of Jehovah

202. High Holidays not only for Israel

203. Risen With Him

204. Christ having glory

205. Sitting at the right hand of God

206. One mediator

207. Marriage of Jesus 1 Mary, John, Judas, Thomas and Brown

208. Marriage of Jesus 2 Standard writings about Jesus

209. Marriage of Jesus 3 Listening women

210. Marriage of Jesus 4 Place of the woman

211. Marriage of Jesus 5 Papyrus fragment in Egyptian Coptic

212. Marriage of Jesus 6 Jesus said to them “My wife”

213. Marriage of Jesus 7 Impaled

214. Marriage of Jesus 8 Wife of Yahweh

215. Marriage of Jesus 9 Reason for a new marriage

216. Marriage of Jesus 10 Old and New Covenant

217. Reply to questions concerning The Bride of Christ

218. Not having Jesus’ skull

219. Outflow of foundational relationship based on acceptance of Jesus

220. Not bounded by labels but liberated in Christ

221. Maintaining unity of Spirit in the bond of peace becoming one with God

222. United people under Christ

223. Our relationship with God, Jesus and each other

224. Admittance with Christ

225. Gathering with Jesus

226. Trusting, Faith, Calling and Ascribing to Jehovah #14 Prayer #12 The other name

227. Atonement And Fellowship 1/8

228. Atonement And Fellowship 2/8

229. Atonement And Fellowship 3/8

230. Atonement And Fellowship 4/8

231. Atonement And Fellowship 5/8

232. Atonement And Fellowship 6/8

233. Atonement And Fellowship 7/8

234. Atonement And Fellowship 8/8

235. Atonement and the race been bought

236. A participation in the body of Christ

237. One Mind, One Accord

238. Why are you persecuting me?

239. Looking for True Spirituality 3 Mind of Christ

240. Looking for True Spirituality 4 Getting to Know the Mind of Christ

241. Looking for True Spirituality 5 Fruitage of the Spirit

242. Looking for True Spirituality 7 Preaching of the Good News

243. Looking for True Spirituality 8 Measuring Up

244. Not about personal salvation but about a bigger Plan

245. Knowing rabboni

246. Three new sites to discover the real Jesus

247. The Right One to follow and to worship

248. The Pagan Influence of The catholic church ……The Pagan Trinity, and Saint B

249. Many forgot how Christ should be our anchor and our focus

250. Between Alpha and Omega – The plan of creation

251. Not about personal salvation but about a bigger Plan

252. Divine Plan and an Imperfect creation

253. God’s Plan, Purpose and teachings

254. A Divine Plan or God’s purpose in creation

255. Disobedient man and God’s promises

256. Failing Man to make free choice

257. Back from gone #3 Giving worries to God and believing in His promises

258. Back from gone #4 Your inner feelings and actions

259. Not staying alone in your search for truth

260. As Christ’s slaves doing the Will of God in gratitude

261. Praying and acts of meditation without ceasing

262. Trusting, Faith, Calling and Ascribing to Jehovah #14 Prayer #12 The other name

263. Praying is surrendering in all circumstances

264. God’s wisdom for the believer brings peace

265. Religions and Mainliners

266. Denominationalism exists because?

267. Autumn traditions for 2014 – 4 Blasphemy and ridiculing faith in God

268. Why is it that Christians don’t understand Muslims and Muslims do not understand Christians?

269. Who Would You Rather Listen To?

270. Holidays, holy days and traditions

271. The Third Word: Scripture twisting is blasphemy

272. When not seeing or not finding a biblically sound church

273. When seeing a biblically sound church

274. When having found faith through the study of the Bible we do need to do works of faith

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