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Bible Basic Intro

The Holy Writings, Old and New Testament, the Covenants, the Bestseller of all times and The Book of Books given by the Creator to all of us.

Basic Bible Teaching


The Bible is the most important book ever written. It is the Word of God. He told the men who wrote it what they must write down.

The Bible is not one book. It is a collection of 66 books written at different times, by different men. It is divided into two parts that are called testaments.

The Old Testament has 39 books.

The New Testament has 27 books.

The word "Testament" means 'agreement' or 'covenant'. The Bible tells us about agreements made between God and men. There is an Old Agreement and a New Agreement.

At the beginning of the Bible is a list of all the names of the 66 books. It will help you in your studies if you can learn the order of the books.

Each book is divided into chapters and each chapter into verses. When you look for a verse or quotation from the Bible, it will be given by the book, then the chapter, and then the verse. For example: John, chapter 3, verse 16. In these lessons this will be written as "John 3:16".

John 3:16:

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Now look up this verse for yourself. Try to learn it.

The books of the Old Testament were written over a long period of time. A man called Moses wrote the earliest books about 1400 years before Jesus Christ was born. We write this as BC 1400. A man called Malachi wrote the last book in the Old Testament about BC 400. The Old Testament took about 1000 years to write all 39 books.


Please do request our bible Course to read further, or the CBM Basic Bible Teaching course -Introductory course for students with English as a second language.

Of interest:

  1. Backbone-book

  2. Collection of books or the Holy-Scriptures

  3. Hidden books

  4. A collection of holy writings to show God and His works

  5. One not without the other

  6. Are there certain books essential to come to faith

  7. Reliability of message appears from honesty writers

  8. Sharing thoughts and philosophical writings

  9. Are you looking for answers and Are you looking for God

  10. People Seeking for God 1 Looking for answers

  11. People Seeking for God 3 Laws and directions

  12. Inspired Word

  13. A question to be posed

  14. Looking for Answers

  15. Background to look at things

  16. Why believing the Bible

  17. Unsure about relevance Bible

  18. Coming to understanding from sayings written long ago

  19. Words to inspire and to give wisdom

  20. Who Wrote the Bible?

  21. The Bible: God’s Word or pious myth?

  22. Scripture Word from God

  23. Bible, God’s Word to edify (ERV)

  24. The Word of God in print

  25. Why think that (4) … God would reveal himself in words

  26. Why think that (5) … the Bible is the word of God

  27. How to look for and how to handle the Truth

  28. Determined To Stick With Truth.

  29. Bible and us

  30. Showing by the scriptures that …

  31. the Bible – God’s guide for life #1 Introduction

  32. the Bible – God’s guide for life #2 Needs in life

  33. the Bible – God’s guide for life #3 Fast food or staple diet

  34. the Bible – God’s guide for life #4 Not to get the best from our diet– or from ourselves

  35. the Bible – God’s guide for life #5 What is God like

  36. the Bible – God’s guide for life #6 Case example – King Josiah #1

  37. the Bible – God’s guide for life #7 Case example – King Josiah #2 Lessons from Josiah’s experience

  38. Appointed to be read

  39. Bible basic intro

  40. Absolute Basics to Reading the Bible

  41. Bible Word from God

  42. Bible Word of God, inspired and infallible

  43. Finding and Understanding Words and Meanings

  44. Pure Words and Testimonies full of Breath of the Most High

  45. Bible in the first place #1/3

  46. Bible in the first place #2/3

  47. Bible in the first place #3/3

  48. Loving the Word

  49. Fixing our attention

  50. Bible, helmet of health, salvation and sword of the spirit

  51. Human and Biblical teachings

  52. An uncovering book to explore

  53. Necessity of a revelation of creation 1 Works of God and works of man

  54. Necessity of a revelation of creation 4 Getting understanding by Word of God 2

  55. Necessity of a revelation of creation 6 Getting understanding by Word of God 4

  56. Necessity of a revelation of creation 7 Getting understanding by Word of God 5

  57. Necessity of a revelation of creation 9 Searching the Scriptures

  58. Necessity of a revelation of creation 12 Words assembled for wisdom and instruction

  59. Necessity of a revelation of creation 13 Getting wisdom

  60. Wisdom not hard to find nor hiding in remote places

  61. An anarchistic reading of the Bible—(1) Approaching the Bible

  62. When reading your Bible be aware of changing language

  63. Jesus spoke Hebrew and Aramaic

  64. Revival of Jesus’ language at Oxford

  65. Missional hermeneutics 1/5

  66. Missional hermeneutics 2/5

  67. Missional hermeneutics 3/5

  68. Missional hermeneutics 4/5

  69. Missional hermeneutics 5/5

  70. Bric-a-brac of the Bible

  71. Book of books and great masterpiece

  72. Unread bestseller

  73. The Bible is a today book

  74. Bible a guide - Bijbel als gids

  75. Bible in a nutshell

  76. Bible like puddle of water

  77. Of the many books Only the Bible can transform

  78. Possibility to live

  79. Genuine message of salvation

  80. Power in the life of certain

  81. Bible power to change

  82. Written down in God's Name for righteousness

  83. Challenging claim

  84. Challenging claim 1 Whose word

  85. Challenging claim 2 Inspired by God 1 Simple words

  86. Challenging claim 3 Inspired by God 2 Inerrant Word of God

  87. Challenging claim 4 Inspired by God 3 Self-consistent Word of God

  88. Miracles of revelation and of providence 2 Providence

  89. Scripture words written for our learning, given by inspiration of God for edification

  90. Bible, sword of the Spirit to come into the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man

  91. The Bible a Book of books

  92. Written by inspiration of God for our admonition, to whom it shall be imputed if they believe

  93. Full authority belongs to God

  94. Authority of the Bible

  95. The radiance of God's glory and the counsellor

  96. Is God hiding His face when He is seemingly silent

  97. God's promises

  98. Divine Plan and an Imperfect creation

  99. An unbridgeable gap

  100. Childish or reasonable ways

  101. Fear of God reason to return to Holy Scriptures

  102. By temptations, by signs, and by wonders we can see the Works of God

  103. Written to whom it is about to be reckoned

  104. Bible, best Book of books to get to know the truth

  105. Reading of contrasts

  106. Plain necessary food of the gospel

  107. Scripture alone Sola Scriptora

  108. In case you find contradiction between Old and New Testament

  109. Genre – Playing by the Rules

  110. The Need to Understand Genre

  111. The Metaphorical language of the Bible

  112. Colour-blindness and road code

  113. God's design in the creation of the world

  114. God's instruction about joy and suffering

  115. God giving signs and producing wonders

  116. God His reward

  117. Incomplete without the mind of God

  118. Written down in God's Name

  119. A way to look for Christ, the Bible, Word of God

  120. Looking for blessed hope

  121. Working of the hope

  122. Words to bring into a good relationship

  123. Trusting, Faith, calling and Ascribing to Jehovah #3 Voice of God #4 Words in Scripture

  124. Trusting, Faith, calling and Ascribing to Jehovah #3 Voice of God #5 To meditate and Transform

  125. Trusting, Faith, calling and Ascribing to Jehovah #3 Voice of God #6 Words to feed and communicate

  126. Written down for God to bring us up to a virtuous life

  127. Written for our instruction, that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope

  128. Scripture words written for our learning, given by inspiration of God for edification

  129. Testimonies to observe, inspired by God

  130. Who Gets to Say What the Bible Says?

  131. I can’t believe that … (4) God’s word would be so violent

  132. God’s will is that all sorts of men should be saved

  133. Creator and Blogger God 10 A Blog of a Book 4 Listening to the Blogger

  134. Creator and Blogger God 12 Old and New Blog 2 Blog for every day

  135. Interpreting the Scriptures (Part 5)

  136. Learn to read the Bible effectively

  137. Materialism, would be life, and aspirations

  138. Food as a Therapeutic Aid

  139. Bible containing scientific information

  140. When you don't know what to do and hate yourself

  141. Bible for you and for life

  142. The Way To Life

  143. Chief means by which men are built up

  144. Engagement in an actual two-way conversation with your deities

  145. To find ways of Godly understanding

  146. Believing what Jesus says

  147. Do Christians need to read the Old Testament

  148. The importance of Reading the Scriptures

  149. Why can’t Bible scholars agree on how to interpret the Bible?

  150. Out of Context: How to Avoid Misinterpreting the Bible

  151. Archaeology and the BibleStatutes given unto us

  152. Summerholiday season time to read the Bible

  153. A feast for the Word of God

  154. Bible ownership and Bible knowledge slumped

  155. TV literary adaptation of The Bible

  156. Hebrew, Aramaic and Bibletranslation

  157. Some Restored Name Versions

  158. Celebrating the Bible in English

  159. What English Bible do you use?

  160. Murdock or Murdoch Bible

  161. 2001 Translation an American English Bible

  162. The NIV and the Name of God

  163. Use of /Gebruik van Jehovah or/of Yahweh in Bible Translations/Bijbel vertalingen

  164. יהוה , YHWH and Love: Four-letter words

  165. The Bible and names in it

  166. Comparisson Bible Books in English, Dutch and French

  167. Bible Translating and Concordance Making

  168. Accuracy, Word-for-Word Translation Preferred by most Bible Readers

  169. iPod & Android Bibles

  170. Cell phone vs. Bible

  171. Bible Companion now also available on Blackberry phones

  172. The Most Reliable English Bible

  173. NWT and what other scholars have to say to its critics

  174. King James Bible Coming into being

  175. Dedication and Preaching Effort 400 years after the first King James Version

  176. Codex Sinaiticus available for perusal on the Web

  177. Working on the Bible being like re-wiring an old house

  178. A Bible Falling Apart Belongs to Someone who isn't

  179. Feed Your Faith Daily

  180. Devotees and spotters

  181. Discipleship way of life on the narrow way to everlasting life

  182. Bringing Good News into the world

  183. Bible exhibition

  184. Souls and Religions with Nirvana and light

  185. Breathing to teach

  186. Teaching Holy Scriptures in Schools

  187. How to Choose a Bible for Preaching

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation." (Mark 16:15)

Giving preference to the Word of God instead of the word of people and traditions.