One Holy

"The space in which your planet hangs is in all ages felt by humans as overwhelming.

It is there for everybody to watch, but it is impossible for humans to grasp its scope.

The skies, the stars, the galaxies beyond yours and their volume are too confounding.

Not many people don't experience awe when they ponder the endlessness of space.

Not just your being so tiny and the universe so huge, but just being in it is perplexing.

Humans instinctively feel that no description will suffice. This awesomeness just 'is'.


"It's good to know you've this reaction in common with all that inhabits your planet.

Earth itself is a speck in the totality of a space whose size defies a simple definition.

Most people will agree, if there is a god, she/he has to do with the enormity of space.

In view of the ever-expanding orbit of what still is to be discovered, humbleness fits.

Many do gladly give the predicate 'holy' to the force or what is that's behind this all.

They may not believe it is a deity but, for sure it is something beyond humans' grasp.


"First, I remind you that the expanding feature of space has you as a participant.

Space is the fifth element of all life. All existence lives by, and is, taking up room.

Don't get Me wrong here. Nobody is filling or occupying an empty, vacant area.

You have space as an ingredient. It is present because of you. It begins with you.

By being a reflection of Me and operating by My nature, you're 'creating' room.

Nothing is just there, neutral or empty. All life originates in desires and choices.


"I just mentioned the endlessness of space as it appears to you, layer upon layer.

Theories, calculations and speculations abound, giving guidelines for thoughts.

Mathematical formulas chip off just some pieces of spatial endlessness' puzzle.

Now I add an even more incomprehensible issue: My first face, light and name.

That I am the One Holy means that My Person exceeds the mysteries of space.

All dimensions forming space share a common position - in, yet also - 'before' Me.


"It's the most beautiful position: to be desired and be loved by Me as a partner.

My aspect as the unknowable One provides solid ground for exploring all else.

The limitations you are now subjected to are artificial. Though dying changes it.

My being the One Holy remains. It has no equivalent in anything else occurring.

One I am as you hear it now, and all emanations from Me, do share My aura.

The pitfall of your ancestors was trying to split off My first aspect from the rest.


"Many people associate My transcending side 'Holy' automatically with a beyond.

Space, unreachable for grasping or control, is yet frustratingly right 'in your face'.

What is behind the galaxies? Is it empty? And what is the human place in all of it?

It is a cleverly orchestrated plot to dump those questions into the lap of science.

Your science is set up to provide data for insights,so that things will make sense.

I state that only on your spirit level can space be lucid and has you breathe freer.


"Being impressed by all life's grandeur, you do share with all other dimensions.

The word 'other' is problematic as it could suggest distance, not related to you.

The eternal oneness has no frontiers in any direction; it is for you unthinkable.

Even being impressed, in awe and shared universally, is on earth rudimentary.

To find a proper perspective, the external grandness must be taken spiritually.

When with Me, you can embrace the vastness of life as a member of its family.


"When you meet with Me on the level of your spirit, your and My space merge.

You then feel not the slightest discomfort in sensing I'm also outside everything.

On the contrary! It is a most logical happy-making thought that I'm 'beyond' all.

It means the wideness of all hasn't the faintest threat or negative connotation.

Transcending time or place, as My One Holy hints at, is simply not comparable.

Yet it can, like the cosmic immensity, evoke the sense of a joyful safe belonging.


"Though I mention reacting to My first name, I am not saying what you 'should' feel.

I want you to have correct information so you know what is happening in true life.

The human lost-ness in space led to reaching out to possible unseen higher 'forces'.

Religions play into this but that can be corrected by realizing space as within you.

Space, all's fifth component, is not out there. Its limitlessness is your own element .

Being space yourself allows for intimacy with the One Who is also transcending it.


"Realize that no space, or anything in it, is 'holy'. That concept only points at Me.

Yet My first name gives all that flows from Me the glow of sharing sacredness.

Even earth in its darkness belongs to the one 'sacred' reality that's so precious.

This comes from originating in Me, the One Who is even more than living itself.

You can maximize your place in life's total by acting as the author of your story.

You can go by what others people do or let only My unique infinity inspire you.


"I don't suggest in any way that you walk with your head within celestial clouds.

Some people try to avoid daily chores by dabbling in real or invented mysteries.

As My first aspect is unknowable, making it a focus of speculation is just waste.

Being truly inspired by it leads to going all out unencumbered in your daily life.

With Me being the One Holy and your life's source, how can anyone miss out?

You meeting with Me is like receiving all codes and keys for ongoing progress.


"In a way, you can undergo being space as a child, with wide open probing eyes,

so much to explore, discover and touch; and happily sharing that with others.

Well, children should be able to do that while protected, respected and loved.

Being space yourself can have this touch of a child's innocence: exploring life.

My first name's glow above all horizons marks life as safe and intriguingly so.

It's given to you to create your own unique space with what you do and think.


"I say My unknowable part is the greatest possible inspiration for trusting Me.

Living in the negative state, as you do, is no reason to neglect what is positive.

Anything you'll do can be tainted or fail in terms of being safe, complete, a joy.

It shows what the negative state is all about. Yet, being in it does give options,

options not just to cut out a little niche for you, but to create your own space.

Choosing to be close to Me wakes you up to 'smell the roses'; your own, first.


"My boundlessness is the universe's primary and greatest source of inspiration.

Having your own place in life has no tightness, fear, comparing or holding back.

What you'll contribute can reflect the pride and joy in being invited to partake.

It mirrors the pride I've in seeing Myself as exclusively Goodness and Wisdom.

In your heart and spirit you can celebrate that you may belong to such existing.

Whatever falls short is nothing compared with the joy of joining life's fullness.


"Being space and being a presence always consists of being life's three layers.

You are visible for others, as with your outer parts you publicly take up room.

You've also your internal, mental part: thinking, feeling, desiring or radiating.

Well, places you occupy are never at the cost of leaving less space for others.

Such is My not-graspable realm; it does not take away from anyone's volume.

In all life, as it is before Me, not one presence is more precious than another.


"Clearly, in your world this isn't true. Respect is violated in all possible ways.

Crime does it; those in power do it; your attitude can cut into others' space.

Also any well-intended interference by others can still violate your privacy.

In other words, in earth's upside-down position, harmony is widely absent.

Yet, if no respect is guaranteed on outer or inner levels, in your core it'll be.

On that level, when with Me, you can't be a threat to anything around you.


It is as with earth's fire that in completely unnatural ways consumes fuel.

While in its glory, as love's passion, it'll only add to whatever it permeates.

Your being space on earth may be filled with conflicts, fighting or tension.

Yet, the common corruption while protecting your space won't destroy it.

What you build in your innermost self with your honest desires is crucial.

Be assured that by representing Me your trajectory does come full circle.


"Again, in a children's approach to the big world around, you see a parallel.

I surmise the presence of nurturing parents on whom they can totally count.

If you let them, children explore their little world without hesitation or fears.

It's a real correspondence with reality. Babies are bundles of space in action.

Caring and responsible parents enjoy seeing the blooming of this ingredient.

It shows the freshness of real life not yet too much polluted by the negative.


"With this example, I point to the availability of a life for all without fear.

The 'beyond' of Me provides it; My fullness has no limit in any direction.

So I can meet with you, now and whenever you open up yourself for it.

It makes it possible to rise above a feeling confined, fearful or confused.

You are in My world; you are of My world; you're in a world of only love.

What contradicts this, on whatever ground, produces lies and falsities.


"Especially those among you who are burdened may resent cheap words.

Do realize that I address a part in you that is untouchable for evil or pain.

You occupy a place in My universe. Also while ignored or pitied by others.

You are unique, also in terms of the number of attacks on your unfolding.

Even if losing all your battles or ending up as 'throwaway' - be not fooled.

You wouldn't be around if My splendor could miss you. My glory is in you.


"Throughout all these booklets you may notice the duality in My speaking.

I address you as you're now on earth affected by limitations or hardships.

But I also address you as I see you in your fullness, as an eternal individual.

'Going inward' to your innermost sanctuary - your spirit - is not an escape.

It seeks the place where, in you, all windows to the true universe are open.

You have your being space in common with Me. And I know no boundaries."